Weighty Wednesday -- Post Vacation Baggage

And I hope y'all know I'm not talking about all the prezzies I brought back from Disney World, right??

Well, okay, I didn't bring any prezzies back from Disney. Sorry. No one in my family is as crazy for the mouse as I am.

And I'm not talking about luggage going over the 50 pound mark for the airlines either!

I'm talking butt-baggage. The 5-8 pounds that researchers have discovered most people gain during a two week vacation.

I was on the upper end of that research. From the day before we left to the night we returned, I managed to gain 8, yes EIGHT, pounds.  Luckily, I managed to lose enough weight to be only 0.6 pounds above my goal weight! YAY! I'll drop the rest of it this next week as I like having a little more wiggle room with the upper end of my goal weight.

We walked like there was no tomorrow, but walking to rides isn't the same as hoofing a 15 minute mile for an hour. It just isn't.

When we were at Disney we were on the meal plan, which meant we got an entree and a dessert with our table service meal. Counter service was one fast food item, drink and dessert. I can honestly say that I ate most of my meals like it was my last.

The  most memorable meal was the tilapia at La Hacienda in the Mexican pavilion in EPCOT. I almost licked my plate! It was so good!

Many of the quick service restaurants serve pizza. We had pizza so many times and variations that we won't be eating pizza for awhile.

There are three meals that I regret. All of them involved eating late at night and McDonalds. Good and bad news about McDonalds. Good news--virtually every town you go through (if it's big enough to have a fast food restaurant) has a McDonalds. That is also the bad news. Every freaking town has a McDonalds! When we drove to a new location, many times we arrived late and didn't have meal plans. Eating a Big Mac at 8:30-9:00 PM is NOT a good idea. But I was STARVING and this did not result in a good choice. Yes, I could have chosen a salad, but their salads are not very good as they are prepackaged yuckiness.

So with all I did wrong did I do ANYTHING right?

Yep. I sure did.

  1. Along with bad snackies, we bought bananas, apples and 0% fat Greek yogurt.--most of the time this was breakfast: yogurt and a banana. The kidlet would eat sliced apples and peanut butter for her snack.
  2. I prepackaged the snacks in 1 ounce baggies--it took a long time to weigh and measure the dried apples, three different types of  trail mix, and goldfish, but it was worth it. I knew that if I had an open bag, I'd simply eat and eat and eat.
  3. Water--I packed water in the ice chest and we drank it every chance we got. I also packed a variety of Crystal Light flavorings for something different.
  4. Sharing meals and snacks--I never once ate my own Disney ice cream bar. I took a couple of ears off everyone else's Mickey bars, but never had one of my own. We still split many noon meals. Two meals for three people was enough food . . . trust me.
  5. Though we may have had a beer in every EPCOT country, I didn't drink a full one. Hubster and I split many drinks.
The thing to remember here is that vacations are meant to be getting away from it all. Yes, I could have behaved myself a little better, but I didn't. I know what I did and didn't do right, plus I know what I have to do to 'fix' this.

I'm back on track, are you?

Later, peeps!


Marilyn said...

Good advice, Mags. The best I ever ate on a road trip with my mom, who packed an ice chest of healthy food (she was going to WW at the time) and insisted we stop at every farmer's market along the way. Between that and the mountain hiking we did, I actually lost weight on that vacation.

M. A. Golla said...

I probably would have lost weight, too, if I didn't enjoy my nosh as much as I did! :-)