Weighty Wednesday -- Carb Cravings

As I mentioned last week, I've had a difficult time coming off of vacation. I thought it would be simply turning off the switch and turning on the good habits.

Yeah, right.

This isn't my first rodeo and it probably isn't yours either. You would think I would have all the tricks down pat.

I don't.

I still have cravings. And I still cave to cravings. None of us is perfect. None of us are infallible.

The key to remember is that I, and you, have the knowledge to fix this, even if the will is questionable at times.

I've discovered over the course of my WW adventure that it's hard to fix something if you don't admit there's a problem.

My problem started with vacation where I allowed myself to eat like there was no tomorrow. Shall I say it? I was planning my very own hunger games. I wasn't about to go hungry.

Mindless eating along with female hormones (Damn it!) make us crave yeasty, floury, sugary goodness. Well, it makes me crave them.

So last week I made chocolate chip cookies--tried a new recipe and threw everything you could imagine into the mix.

AND I made my cinnamon rolls for the kidlet's first day of school, but I made them the previous night, so we ate cinnamon rolls for din-din . . . and the next two days.

I've found that eating something sinful one day doesn't really have an adverse effect on my weight. Eating said nummies two or more days in a row does.

Weigh-in was not pretty. Oh, I was still in my allotted +2 pound range over my goal weight, but that doesn't mean I'm happy about it.

Oh, no. I'm mad at myself.

So what to do?

Buckle down and get back on track again! I want my pretend goal weight to be two pounds LESS than my 'official' goal weight.

Truth is that I like the extra weight loss for special occasions . . . like my birthday . . . which falls on next Wednesday . . . August 29th.

I'll take cyber-gifties, congrats, and happy B-days. Shoot, I'll even take Preparation H--as it works wonders to reduce under eye puffiness!

Time to focus and go cold turkey on the carbs!

Later, Peeps!


Twisted Sister said...

I am so there with you. I can't have white carbs too often.
I'm also on the hunt for a healthy WW snack as 3-4 pm is my break point. Also when Don comes homes.

Marilyn said...

You guys makes me feel like a slug. I gave up pop and chocolate candy without too much trouble, but it'll take me a long time to cut back on pasta and be happy about it.

M. A. Golla said...

Meg--the afternoon snacky crave is difficult. One thing that I discovered is that many times I'm NOT hungry, but I'm really dehydrated and thirsty. Try my water trick. Take the equivilent of a bottle of water, add a flavoring (I like Crystal Light Grape energy or Raspberry Lemonade) and CHUG it down. It will seriously fill you up--to the bloated stage--and you won't want to eat snackies!

M. A. Golla said...

Marilyn--I've learned not to let my hubby serve me pasta. His serving size is 3-4 times what I really want! Wintertime is tough because many of our 'go-to' type of meals involve pasta!