Picture Day 2012

Yesterday was picture day.

School started about 7 days ago. The kidlet had to have her syllabuses signed and returned by day 2. She had homework (3 hours) on day 3. A Geography quiz on day 4 and homework took about 2 hours. Day 6 she had a test over the book they read over the summer--Woods Runner. Day 7 she had a Latin test. Whew!

And to top it off, she had picture day. Of course, I thought we could wait to purchase a blazer. But no, after a slight freak-out, blazer purchased and sleeves were altered. And THEN they send out a note--the night BEFORE picture day--that blazers could be 'borrowed'.

Thanks for the advanced notice!  But one less chore is done--re: blazer bought and fitted . . . until the next growth spurt.

Erm, if I stood next to her, I'd be shorter. Just an FYI, yanno. Yes, I flat-ironed her hair.

Later, Peeps!

I discovered a few broken links on the Weighty Wednesday page and will try to fix them over the weekend. If you notice a broken link, please comment and let me know where it was. Thanks!


Twisted Sistser said...

The kidlet is beautiful, Margaret! So cute in her uniform.
Wow how fast(& tall) they grow.

Marilyn said...

Ditto Meg. She's a doll.

Um, hasn't she been taller than you since she was, like, three?

M. A. Golla said...

Thanks, Meg and Marilyn!

Actually, I thought she'd be taller than me when she was 8! I know her feet were bigger than mine at that age! She already wears a 9 1/2 shoe!

She's like a dog growing into her Sasquatch flippers!