Pet Peeve #31


Just where do you think you are? 

Look, I think it's wonderful that you are taking your dog with you on a walk, for a jog, or even training him to run while you bike.

But for everyone's sake  don't let your dog take a dump right in the middle of a trail!

It's not only rude, obnoxious, inconsiderate and all around disgusting, it can pose a health hazard, plus in this city--it's ILLEGAL! First, fines are posted and then by the third warning can even see a wee bit of jail time.

The problem is not the dog, it's the owner. And I've seen some really bad owners recently. They figure that if no one catches them it's okay.

Well, it isn't.

One woman used to take her two dogs for a walk to take a dump in our yard. I'm not married to an IT geek for nothing--we have cameras. And yes, we caught you. And yes, we found out who you were. And yes, we called you citing the city ordinance and giving you the exact page you can find the information. The woman now carries a doody baggy with her and we haven't had the problem since.

But trails are public and a little more difficult to monitor.

If I see someone letting their dog do their biz in the middle of the trail, I'll say something. If they get in my face and threaten me, then I'll whip out my pepper spray in self-defense.

We all share the public trails and it's everyone's job to keep them nice.

So do your part and pick up your dog's waste, or let your dog poop on the mowed grass a couple of feet AWAY from the trail. 

This Public Service announcement is over.


Marilyn said...


We used to have a neighbor in another state who walked her dog several blocks for the express purpose of letting him poop in our yard. DH asked her not to; she continued.

He collected several days' worth, one pile still steaming, took them to her house and dumped them on the brick porch right in front of the door.

She never walked her dog on our block again.

M. A. Golla said...


Talk about taking the matter into your own hands. :-)

Jody Werner said...

But, if you have a horse, you don't have to clean up after them.

M. A. Golla said...

Personally, I find it less disgusting stepping on a road apple than a doggy poo. I think it's the hay factor.

Twisted Sister said...

Wow...Friday we had 4 small dogs enter our yard. Fortunately, our 3 dogs were inside our house, NOT our fenced backyard! 2 ran off when I came out of my garage. The other 2--one was a puppy. I walked the 3/4 mile to return to their home where I found 9 in all--little yappers and one Chloe sized. REALLY? Running loose in the county? The woman drove up as I was walking back. I asked if these were her dogs, then reminded her that if my dogs had been in their own backyard, her 4 would be dead. She flipped me off.
Poor puppers.

M. A. Golla said...

Wow, Meg. I don't understand some people. Where is their sense of responsiblity?