Lots of Little Things

School starts this Thursday. I'm pretty sure we have the important stuff taken care of: school supplies, school uniforms, and summer reading is finished. Taking her to school won't be as easy as walking her to the school behind our house. Nope, she will have to be driven across town to Cascia Hall . . . luckily, I'm not stuck with THAT particular chore in the mornings! Hubster will be taking her through the horrendous road work areas (three lanes on major expressway narrowing down to one--are they serious??) and then continuing on to work.

I'll be picking her up at 3 PM, well, 2:55.

With school starting I'd like to start a nice normal writing routine again, but I have a lot of little things I'd like to accomplish before I can do it. This is just the stuff that piles up over time, until you know you need to do something about it.

Saturday night I finished one the them.

The magazine pile--I had about six month's worth of magazines to go through. Of course they were all cooking magazines and I had to pull out the pages of the recipes I found interesting, then trim them to a reasonable size before filing into one of my thirteen cookbooks. -- DONE!

My earrings---I keep my earrings in four fishing tackle boxes. These are only 1-inch deep and clear(ish). I need to take a picture when I'm finished. Well, about two years ago, it was in fantastic shape. My hubby had spray glued the polyester backing to fuzzy stuff so I could hook my earrings through the material and keep them nice and neat. I need to cut new pieces for the earrings I use and to reorganize the boxes, as my earring habit seems to keep growing.

--I picked up cute little person with a pearl head earrings in Seaside and a pair from the Italy venue in Epcot that I'll be getting for my b-day.

My blog---yep, I need to do some housecleaning on this blog: hyperlinking my WW and FF blogs to their respective places, updating my book info, copying and pasting all my WW blogs to a document and then organizing them for my weight loss book.

My documents folder--I've been really bad about this one, as it has grown to unimaginable proportions . . . when you have to scroll down to see all the documents, it's too large!

And then there's the 'other' stuff I need to do:

Reformat my Goblin's Apprentice books for print--which means I need to do another editing job.

Fill out my Weight Watcher's leader info when it arrives--if I decide to actually take the job. I'm still waffling on this one. The pay isn't good, but there are some perks. But then there's wear and tear on my car, the lack of ability to call my own shots, plus my mom might be needing more of my driving skills in the near future.

Brainstorm my Elemental series.

Plot Goblin's Apprentice book 4, DRAGON DAYS OF SUMMER

Finish working on my Christmas projects

Order chocolate supplies to be ready to make and mail the donated items I've already promised.

And of course, last but certainly not least, act as chauffeur to my kidlet. Swim hasn't started back up, but it will when the pool is ready to go. And we already have two other school activities PRIOR to school starting!

Monday is a get-together pool party for the kids. And Wednesday is orientation and a retreat, but hubby wants to do the driving on both ends of it so he can figure out his driving plan of attack.

While there is no firm deadline on any of this--with the exception of the Christmas items and the donations to Lee Lofland's Writer's Police Academy in September--I don't really have to DO anything, but I'm ready to work . . . and that's a big plus in my book!

Oh, BTW, does anyone know how I can make book marks or something like that I can put into the candy boxes?? I have no clue where to start on this!

Later, Peeps!


Cynthia D'Alba said...

I do love your candy making days! I think I gain 10 pounds just reading your posts. YUM

Bookmarks - no idea. I've never made any. Will be checking back for ideas.

M. A. Golla said...

Cyndi--I've recently discovered Barenjager, a honey liqueur, and thought it would make an awesome filling for a dark chocolate bonbon. Will need to buy a bigger bottle to experiment!

I think I'll experiment with Edie's trifold since I was thinking of including pictures of my candies along with my books.

Marilyn said...

Depends on the look you're going for with the bookmarks -- and the size. Are you going for glossy, professionally printed or will homey self-printed do?

For something purely informational, you can print out business cards (can put info front and back if you need) or you can do post cards. (You can get perforated four-to-a-page post card paper at Office Depot, etc.) There are a couple of places online that sell smallish bookmark papers that you print yourself, too.

The place where Ash had our bookmarks printed when she designed them did great glossy work, and I don't remember them being horribly pricey.

M. A. Golla said...

Marilyn--I need to call Ash to get her input even though she isn't still in the business. I might need to poke around Office Depot to see what products they have and then actually make a decision.