Foodie Friday -- Sea Salt Caramels (redo w/pics)

Last winter I posted a Sea Salt Caramel recipe, well, yesterday I needed to make a batch of them to "suck-up-to-her-teacher's" night, formerly called Back to School night.

And I needed to get a visual for a box of candy that I intend to donate next month.

Here's the recipe:  Sea Salt Caramels

And here are the pics:
Ingredients: salt, honey, sugar, butter, vanilla, heavy cream and Karo syrup
Ingredients added--the waiting starts
15 minutes later--almost there
salt, butter and vanilla were added; and pour into prepared pan
*Notice I didn't scrape the sides? *you don't want to scrape sugar crystals INTO the mixture. Yes, that's a Mickey Mouse on my scraper!
Cut, dip, and sprinkle with salt
Let chocolate dry, then trim excess around edges
Figuring out the right size for the 1 lb. candy boxes
Suck-up sampler boxes

I did discover a few things:
  1. My daughter's little camera takes better pictures than my cell phone. Though there are some issues, it's pretty good. Plus I can pop the chip into my computer and just pull them into my database
  2. Those little caramel squares in the 1 lb. box are TINY, less than an inch square.
  3. I'm out of practice
  4. I need to cut the caramel and then chill it to keep it from getting melty. The lights are very hot.
  5. I'm out of practice
  6. The sampler box candies are about 3-4 bites each--for a normal person, not a guy. A guy would eat it in one bite. Jus' Sayin' what I observe. Those candies are HUGE--the boxes are 3.5 X 3.5 inches.  
  7. Blogger hoses up at night and it's irritating
  8. I started at 10 AM, finished at 6:30 PM, not counting clean up.
  9. I'm out of practice of candy making

Later, Peeps!



Twisted Sister said...

OH MY GOSH. Love those and know the love you've put in. Yours in the bestest and only candy in a box that I adore. (Did I suck up enough?) :-)

M. A. Golla said...

:-) Why, yes, I think you did, Meg!

Oh, starting Aug. 28 ALL my stories are free on Amazon. If you haven't read TROLL yet, I want you to see how you helped me through that stupid tough beginning! Well, you read some of it, but now you can read the rest!

Marilyn said...

Sea salt caramel . . . yummm.

Sooo much better than anything store-bought. Yummm.

M. A. Golla said...

I have a few extras left over, Marilyn!
. . . er, not any more. :-( sorry!

Pepper Phillips said...

Those look so professional! AND yummy...

M. A. Golla said...

Thanks, Pepper!