Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Over the next three days, I'll have a special promo going--ALL OF MY BOOKS WILL BE FREE ON AMAZON--so I won't be writing a Weighty Wednesday this week. This also includes my short stories, which happen to explain a few more things you might have questions about in my novels.

You see, it's my birthday, so please, please please share this blog on your facebook page, tweet about it, or google plus. Four square, LinkedIn, Stumblupon, Digg, etc. etc are optional since I don't play there.

Since my kidlet was at camp last weekend, the hubs and I took a short trip to Eureka Springs. Artsy-fartsy and very eclectic! It was an evil, evil day (Weight Watchers-wize) as it started with Krispy Kremes for breakfast, lunch at The Oasis (Arkie-Mex cuisine), and finished with 'dinner' at Andy's custard. Hubs had Key Lime Pie custard (they jam a slice of Key Lime pie into the custard and mix) and I had a Boot Scoot something or other with Oreos, fudge and caramel. Yep, good and evil. *slurp*

Here are the pics:

We parked near this. It's part of the B&B to the right.

The Oasis--1/2 down a narrow set of stairs
Very funky and eclectic, a throwback to the 60's
I sat in the orange chair near vault. This place used to be a bank.
the 'back room'
The toilet--sink behind door. Step up @ 12 inches. MY knees touch the wall--and I'm only 5'1"!
Hubs at the bottom of Spring Street
One of the many springs
another view
interesting builds
another spring
Queen Anne Inn (hubs started driving and ruined a better pic)
view after the rain

That's it for now. And no, I didn't find a pair of earrings that I couldn't live without. I'm totally bummed about that!
Later, Peeps! 



Marilyn said...

Sounds like a nice time. I've only been to Eureka twice -- once with two fussy little kids, so don't remember much about that besides a lying-on-the-ground-kicking-screaming temper tantrum in the middle of a busy sidewalk.

Must go again sometime.

Marilyn said...

Oh, and happy happy birthday!!!

M. A. Golla said...

Thanks for the B-Day wishes, Marilyn! I get to celebrate it by going to Back-to-School night. WooHoo! Yeah. . .

I can think of a fun way a couple of us writerly types can get together and enjoy the sights. ;-)

Cynthia D'Alba said...

Happy Birthday! Love Eureka Springs! very unique vibe to the place! Want to meet a bunch of writers when we go up this fall? Love the pictures too.

M. A. Golla said...

Thanks, Cyndi! I might take you up on that offer!

Marilyn said...

Hey, I know a couple of writerly types who like to get away and enjoy the sights. :)

M. A. Golla said...

:-) My exact thought, Ms. M!

Twisted Sister said...

Happy belated birthday!!!! Love the pictures.

M. A. Golla said...

Thanks so much, Meg!

The pics of the Oasis don't do it justice. That bathroom must be experienced!