Earring Tackle Boxes

Okey-dokey . . . I managed to finish the second item on my to-do list--Reorganizing my jewelry boxes.

We bought these boxes at the Bass Pro shop a couple of years ago, partly because I don't like 'typical' jewelry boxes, hangers, racks, blah, blah blah. And partly because I have so many unique earrings that dumping them in box would be nutso and I don't want the stuff to clutter my counters.

I have four of these boxes. I love them because I can look at my jewelry and quickly pick what I want. I don't wear much jewelry, with the exception of earrings, and I totally love fun and different.

This one is my main box that I usually refer to.

 Here's a close up of my unique earrings. Most of them I can tell you when and where I picked them up. The newest pair is the 'angel' in the lower right corner that hubby bought for me in Seaside. The head is a freshwater pearl.
  The coyotes are from a trip with my sis to Santa Fe, NM. The pink hearts are Murano glass a gift from my MIL. Most of the other ones came from Eureka Springs, Mayfest or Italy.

Here's another pic. This one has my trapeze frogs and lizards hanging by their tails.  
One more item off my to-do list.


Later, Peeps!


Marilyn said...

I love this idea. I used to keep my earrings in a similar box -- stuffed little squares of cotton batting in for a little bed. It made it much easier for traveling, too. (Back in the day when I did most of my trips by car, I packed anything I even remotely thought I might use!)

M. A. Golla said...

For the most part, this works really, really well, Marilyn. And yep, I have two smaller boxes that used to be my main ones, but I use them for traveling. The batting has taken a beating over the years with a couple of pairs of earrings, mainly the ones with a long French hook.