Weighty Wednesday -- WallyWorld or Bust!

*original title: Vacation Strategies* BORING! I prefer the new title, don't you?

I had another wonderful weigh-in, as I'm maintaining my current weight quite nicely, but there are always challenges to deal with.

The one monster that I've been fighting over the last few weeks happens to be the mongo-sized jar of Nutella that I stupidly bought at one of those wholesale warehouse stores. My little trick of taping the jar closed hasn't worked quite as well as it usually does. But the good news is that the jar is almost empty and will NOT be replaced anytime soon.

*sorry, kidlet, but momma likes her new size and can't afford the temptation!*

Another challenge many of us will be facing this summer is *duh-duh-duh* VACATION. Or you might have already dealt with it and have moved on because I'm late to the party. Oh, well. Better late than never, right?

I'll hop right into this topic, since I'm busy editing and I can feel the Sword of Damocles hanging over my head, ready to drop when the hair breaks.

There are three ways to look at weight loss when you vacation:

1) you don't give a rat's patootie about all the months and months of hard work you've done, because you deserve the party! WooHoo!!

2) you don't want to be a party pooper, but you also spent good money on the all-inclusive cruise/ resort/ Disney dining plan/ (insert whatever here) and want to enjoy yourself without doing too much damage.

3) forget having any kind of fun. You are focused with your eye on the prize and plan to pack your measuring cups, food scale, pedometer, exercise equipment, and points calculator.

**If there is nothing else you do when preparing for vacation, you need to at least think about how you will tackle food challenges, because they will ALWAYS be there.**

Personally, I don't have any use for plan #1--planning to gain weight.

I know how long it took to lose the weight and as much as I would want to go Girls Gone Wild, I don't think I could let it happen. The problem with this attitude is the chance that you won't want to regain control over your food when you return to the reality of you dull day-to-day life. The damage will have been done. Do you want to face the scale when you get back when you have this devil may care attitude?

I wouldn't.

I'm going to skip #2 for now and go directly to #3--staying the course and losing weight.

This is a wonderful plan, but don't you think it's a little in your face? Kind of like smokers who quit smoking and then they're worse than any non-smoker ever was about criticizing smokers?? Did that even make sense?  It's early and I over slept and my coffee is too hot to drink. Sorry, but that's my only excuse.

My only suggestion is don't be so focused that you lose the fun out of vacation, whether you are with your family or friends or your significant other. Enjoy yourself, but don't go overboard with the whack-a-doodle attitude. Instead of working out in the hotel gym, walk the beach with your bestie, learn to surf, or climb Diamondhead, or do the crazy fast walk in DisneyWorld to beat the crowd to Space Mountain. Find other ways to get your exercise.

If you've been doing this losing weight for any length of time you will probably have a good idea of portions. If you don't, then review your portion sizes by using your hand as a reference. Unless you have Sasquatch-sized paws on a tiny little body, then you have bigger problems to deal with.

Which brings us back to plan #2--staying the same weight

I'll warn you right now that even if you plan to stay the same weight, you might gain a little bit, but don't worry about that gain because it will come off quickly.

This is usually my plan. It revolves around making good choices most of the time and if you make a poor choice then you DON'T HAVE TO CLEAN YOUR PLATE!  Last year, my hubby told me that even though we on the Disney Dining Plan and everything was paid for up front. He told me that I shouldn't feel like I needed to eat everything on my plate. This was a HUGE relief, by just saying this it took away the guilt of throwing food away. It happens. I'm not going to eat it later like I would at home.

Here are a few vacation tips--and yes, many of these will sound VERY, VERY familiar!:
--smaller portions
--eat slowly
--drink lots of water
--enjoy an alcoholic beverage or two, but get a romantic walk later
--enjoy the fruits and vegetables of the local area
--limit your protein intake
--stay away from fried anything on a stick--you can sample from someone else's stick
--share desserts/snacks
--try a new exercise experience
--hike a mountain or even a molehill
--bike down a Hawaiian volcano

In my opinion, the key to maintaining or only having a slight gain in your weight is to thoughtfully enjoy your vacation.

Hang loose, Peeps!


Mary Marvella said...

Practical and good reminders. I have been a member of "The Clean Plate Club" for so long they revoked my membership a few years ago. Throwing food away is actually almost as painful a being too full.

Is 69 too old to order kids meals?

M. A. Golla said...

I order kid's meals in many places, but be careful. They might be smaller portions, but are chocked full of as many carbs, fat and sugars.

Jody Werner said...

I've never had the stomach capacity to 'clean my plate.' I like that when I go out to eat, I get enough food for two or three meals. I just take it home and enjoy it a few more times. But you're right, it doesn't take a huge volume of food to be back with calories. You still have to choose carefully.

Another good practice: never let somebody else fill your plate for you. It always amazes me the volume of food other people think I might be capable of eating. Really????

M. A. Golla said...

When Todd and I first got married, he would fill my plate for me . . . and I ate everything. I've learned to tell him that I'll do it myself.