Kidney Stones

No, not me. My hubby.

Sorry that I don't have a Foodie Friday for you, but that's the way it is sometimes. Maybe later. I did have an Apple Strudel recipe that's pretty good.

We spent Thursday night from around 11 PM until 2:45 AM Friday in the Emergency Room.

My hubby had excruciating pain radiating around from his left back to the front. Of course, so did everyone else. It took almost 30 to get placed in a room and about another 20 minutes before they gave him something for pain (@12 AM). 45 minutes later they took him for a CT scan (1 AM). About an hour after this, the doc came in and explained that hubby would be giving birth to a 0.2 mm sized kidney stone sometime in the next few days (we have a strainer to try to find it). About 45 minutes later, we departed the ER. I dropped my hubby off at home while I found an all night pharmacy to fill four presciptions.

Saga over, and after 3 hours of sleep here I am blogging about it.

I tweeted last night, but my phone has been eating my battery juice.

--srsly, I had to play Truffula Shuffula on my hubby's phone. I KNEW I should have grabbed my Kindle!

Here's my Public Service Announcement:

In the US, we are experiencing some incredibly high temps. In fact, our forcast is predicted to be 100+ temps for the next 8 days. We had 26 days of 100+ heat in June of last year, I hope we don't break the record.

Please keep hydrated.

And no, that doesn't mean soda or energy drinks, it means water. The ER staff knew he had a stone simply by the symptoms . . . well, I suspected, too, but then I do have a medical-type background. And the rash of kidney stone patients.

Kidney stones aren't pleasant to watch in other people, and from what I can infer, they aren't pleasant to experience. You-do-NOT-want-one.

If you think you drank enough water, drink more.

If you are outside doing ANYTHING, drink water. Yes, I drink at least 3 cups of water on my walkies, and sometimes more when I come back inside.

And keep drinking it especially if you 1) don't pee, 2) your pee is darker than the color of a lemon peel. If it is orange or brown, you might be in serious trouble.

I'm off to feed the doggie and then take my walkies because I'm sure as shooting not walking in the heat of the day!

Later, peeps!


Cynthia D'Alba said...

Poor hubby. I do understand his pain this week!

Jody Werner said...

And for more bodily function information, check out the Bristol Stool Chart.

M. A. Golla said...

I know you put on your empathy hat, Cyndi! How are you feeling?

It seems to be a trend in the ER according to the RN.

M. A. Golla said...

*shakes head* Jody, Jody, Jody . . . Personally, I prefer the pee chart with the various colors of urine from clear to bright orange to green to coffee colored. . . .