FREE Friday!

This week has been totally crazy!

I've been working uber hard to get TROLL edited, formatted and ready to publish by July 24.

In celebration of this event--because we both know how long it took me to get my rear-in-gear to get to this point!--

TO GNOME ME IS TO LOVE ME will be a free Amazon download Friday and Saturday, July 20-21.

 THE FAST AND THE FAERIEOUS will be a free Amazon download Sunday and Monday, July 22-23! 

I'm also featured on two blogs today:

Long and Short reviews has a post about Recycling--old manuscripts that is.

A Storybook World has an author interview, but as of this posting it isn't 'live' yet! I'll keep checking back.

On a whim, I filled out a job application to be a Weight Watcher leader, completed a survey, a phone interview, an in-person interview and was offered a job!

Feel free to share the FREEBIE links and share the love!


Marilyn said...

Already have the freebies, but am anxiously waiting the new one. No comment on your butt. :)

I'll check out the interviews -- and congrats on the job! Nothing like a WW job to keep you focused on your longterm goals.

M. A. Golla said...

Thanks for stopping by, Marilyn!

Unless there is some formatting snafu, TROLL should be live by July 24th!

I'm excited to be a part of the WW team, plus some of the background knowledge will be a bonus for my book!