Weighty Wednesday -- Reality Check

Happy 20th Anniversary, Sweetie!!

Okay, so last week I reached my goal weight.

So, now what?

Well, the path doesn't stop when one reaches a weight-loss goal. In fact, now there are a few choices to make.

Throughout this year-long journey, I have had ups and downs, literally and figuratively. *snork* I've wound my way through the dark forest, traversed steep ridges, tripped over my own feet and fallen into holes of my own making, but with one last bit of strength I persevered and SUCCEEDED!

 Only to have a reality check shoved into my face.

It ain't over, people. This fat lady may not be fat any longer, but she sure can't sing either.

Just because I reached one goal, it doesn't mean I can relax my guard. There will always be a path ahead of me, whether it's the easy downhill road that leads to the slide of where I was one year ago, or the unknown course that leads into the murky woods where the path doesn't look easy, level, or without challenges.

Which path do I choose?

I'm choosing the unknown path.

During last year I've been up and down on my weight, but overall I've lost. It's been slow and I would have incredible decreases of weight with equally impressive rebounds.

And that was what happened last week--I regained 3.2 of the 4.4 pounds I had lost. I was still right at my goal weight, but it hammered home to me that this isn't a diet. This isn't a quick fix or even a long term fix.

This is my LIFE. A healthier life that I prefer to lead.

Is it going to be easy?

Heck, no. It will be challenging in every possible way. I'll still have my trigger foods to deal with and I'll periodically have to weigh and measure to keep my portions the correct size.

But I'm good with that, because I intend to LIVE LIFE to the fullest, which means there must always be give and take.

What is life without its joy and celebration?

One big drag.

The key is to celebrate OCCASIONALLY and not daily.

I think I'm up to the challenge. . . . but the question is, are you?

Later, Peeps!


Jody Werner said...

Actually, you should celebrate daily! Every day is a gift, so make it a party! So, maybe you have a carrot stick party instead of a carrot CAKE party - but you can still celebrate it!

I think the most difficult time is when you have reached a goal, especially one you've worked toward for so long, and are then faced with the question "Now What?"

I think you're on to something with the process of weighing and measuring food, though - I see the quantities of food people eat, and it is no surprise to me whatsoever that most of them are overweight. Not to mention the fact that the KIND of food we often eat is just packed with calories we don't need. It's definitely NOT easy to eat right, whether it's for weight loss or just health maintenance.

M. A. Golla said...

I also don't think people realize how LONG it takes to eat healthily, Jody. It takes a person twice as long to eat a salad as it does to eat a processed hamburger as there is far more chewing involved, which in turn allows your body to sense when it is full in a more timely fashion.

Jody Werner said...

There's another topic - the way people wolf food down like they're competing with the circling vultures for their share :) I guarantee you I can spend longer eating a burger than most people spend eating a salad. As with most things in life, the best advice is to SLOW THE HECK DOWN. Stop and smell the roses and stop and taste the burger!

Or, eat with chopsticks. :)

M. A. Golla said...

*snort* I use chopsticks when I eat Chinese food! And I'm not very good at them which takes me longer to eat a kiddie meal than anyone I know.

Marilyn said...

One of the things I did when I lost weight -- chew slowly. It took me longer to eat one bite of watermelon than most people took to eat a big slice.

And though I've gotten careless about this one, the entire time I was losing, I never drank anything with a meal. Drinks help move food through the stomach more quickly.

Think I need to go back to that one.

M. A. Golla said...

I found that the opposite works for me, Marilyn! If I drink as I eat, then I fill up quicker. :-)

It just goes to show you that everyone is different.