Weighty Wednesday -- Finding the 'perfect' weight

Today is the third week since I hit my goal weight, and without even trying I managed to lose 2.4 pounds.

Technically, I'm 0.4 of a pound LOWER than the allowed 2 pounds below my stated goal weight of 132. Yes, I'm in the 120's, barely--129.6.

--Once you reach your goal weight, you have +/- 2 pounds to play with.

**I must clarify this statement because my Weight Watcher leader, Julie, smacked me upside the head**  Hey, Julie! *waving at Julie* Now, give me a little credit here--I had asked one of the operators at WW about this (I was on the phone to convert my etools from paid monthly pass to freebie Lifetime pass) and she confirmed the +/- 2 pound part of the equation.

Okay, when a first time/returning, but not previous Lifetime member reaches their goal weight, they are required to do six weeks of maintenance. Within this six weeks, they are required to stay within the +/- 2 pound range to prove they can stablilize their weight.

BUT those of us who have made Lifetime previously--*moi* in 1998--do NOT have to complete the aforementioned mainenance period. AND if you stay within the healthy weight range, but do NOT go over your goal weight by more than 2 pounds, you're gold.

This is the only part of the Weight Watchers program that I take issue with. I'm in my healthy weight range for my height, but my body is trying to adjust to the weight it needs to be, which makes me out of complience with their 'rules' when I can fluctuate up to 5 pounds in a week.

I'm sorry, but it takes time to for a person to find the 'perfect weight', where one feels healthy and the weight is relatively easy to maintain. Punishing a person for being TOO FAR BELOW YOUR GOAL WEIGHT is just silly.

Oh, I understand that they don't want their members to lose too much weight, resulting in an unhealthy goal weight, but there are minimium weights for all heights. There are also rules that won't allow a person to join WW if they are too close to the minimium weight on the range.

So how do I figure out what weight is perfect for me?

It's very simple, it's a weight that I don't have to work at to maintain.

Look, I'm too old to play the youth game. I enjoy my food, wine, desserts, BUT I don't need to eat the good stuff every night to be happy. An occasional foray into decadence works for me, and I can meet my healthy guidelines on a daily basis.

What are those healthy guidelines?

6 servings of WATER, not just beverages, but WATER sans flavoring. Other beverages are simply bonus
2-3 servings of dairy
5-6 servings of fruits and veg
1 multi vitamin
some sort of activity
a dash of healthy oil

I don't really count the healthy oil because I know I usually get it sometime during the day and I don't need to track that.

So if I tend to lose more weight following this, then I'll simply adjust my 'goal' weight to serve my needs and satisfy the powers that be at WW.

But my personal goal is to simply stay below 132 pounds, that's it.


Later, Peeps!

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Jody Werner said...

Everybody's body is so unique. I don't see how there can be an in flexible rule about goal weight and how much you're 'allowed' to fluctuate. If you reach a weight at which you are happy and healthy, and it doesn't happen to be your 'goal' weight, then maybe you should adjust the goal, not the weight.

I am way below the "acceptable" weight for my height, but I am not underweight. I'm just naturally little My ribs and collarbones don't show. I have a tiny, tiny frame and itty bitty wrist and ankle bones. It doesn't take much flesh to fill me out. While my friends (and yes, it's always the fat friends) wrinkle their noses and tell me "you're too skinny" (though I would never dream of telling them they are too fat), no doctor has EVER told me that my weight was unhealthy.

Margie, you have done an amazing transformation, and I hope you don't let anybody else's "rules" diminish it or take the joy out of it!