For The Cure Auction

is now over. This year, she raise over $300,000 dollars!

And my donated items raised a total of $429!

Brenda Novak started this auction to raise monies to aid research to find a cure for Juvenile Diabetes. Her son has juvenile diabetes, and so do my sister and niece. It runs in my family, along with Adult onset diabetes. And yes, I'm keeping a sharp eye out for symptoms in my daughter since she is at one of the pivotal ages for it to strike.

If you never clicked the FOR THE CURE tab, then here is a picture of ANGELS ALL AROUND afghan that fetched $210!

A five one-pound boxes of my artisan candy raised $219, from $40-$50 a box! WOW!! 

Here is the descriptions I sent to the winners of the candy.
I probably need to work on the mouth-watering descriptions, but I tried!

The molded chocolates can be made with milk, dark or white chocolate (though the only one I like coated with the white chocolate is Kahlua) shells.
The truffle fillings are made with pure cane sugar, heavy cream, Ghirardelli white or dark chocolate along with the various fruits and/or liquor.
 -Limoncello#1 favorite flavor “perfect combination of sweet, lemony tartness”—lemon juice and zest, and Limoncello liquor
-Key Lime—Juice and zest from Key Limes, and Tanqueray Gin
-Peppermint Schnapps—Rumple Minze schnapps and peppermint oil
-Grand Marnier—juice and zest from oranges and Grand Marnier
-Amaretto—Amaretto di Saronno (almond) liquor
-Frangelico—Frangelico (hazelnut) liquor
-Whiskey Toffee—Jack Daniels black label whiskey and toffee pieces
-Rum Raison—Raisons macerated in Bacardi Select rum
-Strawberry Margarita—frozen strawberries, lime juice and Cuervo Gold tequila
-ButterShots—Butterscotch schnapps made into a dark truffle filling
-Chambord—Puree of blackberries and raspberries (seeds are strained out) and Chambord liquor
-Black Forest—minced cherries soaked in Kirshwasser prior to blending into a white truffle filling. Excellent with the dark chocolate coating.

The hand dipped candies are coated with milk chocolate, with the exception of the Grand Marnier Caramels:

-Sea Salt Caramelsseriously to DIE for—buttery, creamy caramel with a crunch of sea salt for the sweet and salty treat we all seem to crave
-Grand Marnier Caramels—a Grand Marnier and orange infused caramel dipped in dark chocolate
-Devil’s Cut Whiskey Caramels—“the angels might enjoy the whiskey evaporated out of the barrel, but give the devil his due with the intensely flavored bottom of the barrel whiskey”
-Bananas Foster Caramels—bananas cooked in brown sugar and rum equals heaven in a caramel
-Chambord Caramels—Chambord, blackberries and raspberries (seeds are strained out!)
-Aftershock Cinnamon Caramels—Aftershock schnapps
-Cherries Jubilee Caramels—pureed cherries macerated in brandy
Buttery Pecan Toffee—Pecan toffee is hand dipped in milk chocolate and tossed with ground pecans

So if you didn't bid on any items this year, then stick around you'll get a chance to bid during May 2013!

Or you can email me and place an order for Christmas!

Later, Peeps! 


Twisted Sister said...

WOW!Congratulations to both you and Brenda!
I know your candies are close to divine!

M. A. Golla said...

Thanks, Meg. This was the most money that I've earned over the all the years that I donated items.

Marilyn said...

Yumm. Now I'm hungry!!

Congrats on your success!

Cynthia D'Alba said...

That is so awesome, Mags!

I always enjoy your candy posts. Wish I had your patience to do candy.

M. A. Golla said...

;-) My pleasure, Marilyn!

It's weird, Cyndi, but as back breaking as making candy can be I really enjoy it.

Erika said...

You made those chocolates??? Wow. You are just full of surprises.

Congrats on the money you raised. It's definitely a good cause.

M. A. Golla said...

Last Christmas, I made over 50 pounds of candy, Erica, all by my widdle self. I actually lost weight that week because of all the standing!