Weighty Wednesday -- Do you walk or do you WALK?

I've always enjoyed walking. Until last year, I hadn't realized how much fun it is especially when you are enjoying nature around you. So many other walkers are busy listening to their music that they slow down and don't be the benefit from a fast walk.

I tried listening to music when I belonged to a gym, but the ear buds kept slipping out when I moved my arms . . . plus they got sweaty and itched! Is that TMI?? Music is just not my thing.

So this brings up the topic of how do you walk?

In The Synonym Finder, I found hundreds of words that describe the forward motion by bipeds, everything from hop, stroll, saunter, skip and stride. And that doesn't even cover slink, mosey, plod or trudge.

I will say that I am a fast walker, which is probably due to my height. When you are only 5'1'' with an inseam of 27 inches, you have to walk quickly to  keep up with anyone taller than you . . . which is 95% of the population. What is really interesting is that when I walk with my hubby (6'2") he has to tell me to slow down. But it's because he isn't walker per se, he's a stroller.

So back to walking . . . many people might say that I power walk.

I disagree.

Partly because I'm contrary in that way, but more importantly because power walking is a technique, and not necessarily speed. I watched a YouTube video of how to correctly power walk. Sorry, but it's too much work to concentrate on the heel, toe movement and placing your heel only when the toe is about to leave the ground.

*blech* too much work = not fun

The one time I went to the gym in the last year, I walked on the treadmill and found out that my most comfortable pace is about 3.9-4.0 mph, which gives me a 15 minute mile.

I don't start off that fast, but I quickly get there within 3-5 minutes. And yes, I do swing my arms. And yes, I do carry a water bottle. And yes, I do walk in the hideous heat of the summer, the bone-chilling bite of winter and everything in between, except heavy rain. . . but wait a minute I did that once too! Okay, it was by accident, the rain hit when I tried to walk during a break of a storm.

The key to enjoying a brisk walk is to push yourself, but not on the first day. Strive to walk fast enough to start breathing a little heavier or until you sweat, maintain it for a short time and then cool off. Doing too much too quickly will burn you out mentally.

I can't tell you how long that is because everything depends on your physical condition and health issues.

So do you walk?

Do you visit with a friend while you walk? Do you talk on the phone? To you plod along or do you walk with a purpose?

Start slowly. Add time and intensity as you need to challenge yourself.

Later, Peeps!


Jody Werner said...

I used to walk all the time when I lived in a condo on a man-made lagoon that had a walking trail. I had a CD that was a special mix for my walk - the tempos of the song varied from slow to very rapid, and whatever the tempo was, I'd walk with it. I loved it! I might start doing it again one day.

M. A. Golla said...

I love walking, Jody. I don't think I would like it nearly as much if I didn't walk outside though.

Jody Werner said...

I've tried doing it on a treadmill - listening to my music made it tolerable, but it was still mostly mind-numbing. Who wants to stare at a wall when you can be marveling at the beautiful outdoors? And then there's the whole routine of having to get dressed and drive to the gym in the first place - much nicer to just go out the door and let the neighborhood be your gym!

Twisted Sister said...

I can't walk on a treadmill. I love walking in my pasture, and will miss it when we move. Even the snakes--sorta.
I walk fast, and have noticed my arthritis has lessened.

M. A. Golla said...

You'll have to find a new place to walk, Meg. Some trails are challenging and fun as you watch the changing scenery.