Weighty Wednesday -- Success!

And I'm happy to report that SIMPLY FILLING WORKS!!

Even though I went out of town this last weekend, I still lost 2.4 pounds for a
 total weight loss of 45 pounds!

Yes, I'm totally stoked!

So I'll be continuing the Simply Filling technique this week and, with luck and hard work, I'll lose the 2.2 pounds to hit my goal weight. If not, then I'll aim for the week after.

Remember, weight loss is a journey not a destination.

Once I reach maintenance, it doesn't mean I can throw all this hard work out the window.


It means I now have the tools to KEEP myself at a healthy weight along with the knowledge of what to do if the weight starts to creep up on me again.

I'm happy!

But I'm more than just happy because I lost weight, it's because I've inspired others to take their own journey: other swim moms, a couple of teachers at my daughter's school, some of my husband's co-workers and/or their wives.  Some of them are exercising more, while others are eating better.

It's all about choices.

And I'm not blatantly bragging about my weight loss.

I don't need to.

The evidence is in my smaller size, my happy attitude and my confidence.

In other words, MY POSITIVE AURA.

Create your own aura of peace and happiness, and reap the benefit by allowing others to see your joy.

Namaste, Peeps!


Ashlynn said...

So proud of you!!! You go girl!!

Marilyn said...


When you reach your goal, show us before and after pictures, will you?

Jody Werner said...

You inspire other people to change their lives via your weight loss journey. I kind of do the same thing via encouraging people to be true to themselves and follow their hearts in life - rather than conforming to what OTHER people or society thinks they should be doing.

Just one thing we do or say can have a profound effect on someone else's life - and we may never know it.

But even more important is the joy that it brings to our own lives! Being "successful" has nothing to do what how much money you make or, say, whether you ever get a book published. Nothing! It only has to do with whether you are happy. If you are happy, you are successful!

Go Margie!

M. A. Golla said...

Thanks, Ash!

I don't think I have a before picture at my heaviest weight, Marilyn, though I do have some 10 pounds lighter--they are still pretty scary!

Thank YOU, Jody!