Weighty Wednesday -- Same old, same old

And I had a ZERO gain/loss this week.

But I'm not too upset about it, considering I had a three pound gain during the week. Ugh!

I'm not thrilled that I haven't been able to shake these last few pounds, but I'm determined.

I have increased my exercise, but it isn't enough. I was talking to my leader and she suggested I use the Simply Filling technique. I'd heard of it, but I needed to read a little more thoroughly about it.

So what is Simply Filling?

Basically, it's unlimited amounts of Weight Watcher designated Power Foods. Lean meats, fruits and veggies, whole grains, and non-fat dairy products. Points are deducted from your weekly tally of 49 when you eat products that are NOT power foods (salad dressings, glass of wine, salads with black beans or corn in it), which means you have to be very, very frugal with your ppv products.
Use them well, padawan.
Here's a breakdown:

Lean meats--very doable for a week, especially now that it's grilling season. Seasonings of every type are available. Feeling a little Greek, then sprinkle on some Cavenders. A little Nawlins, then one of Emeril's selection. Caribbean? a little jerk seasoning. The seasoning supplies are endless and virtually all of them will take zero off your weekly point allowance.

Fruits and veggies--with a few starchy exceptions (corn, potatoes, green peas, etc) most fruits and veg are power foods. May is the perfect time to take on the Simply Filling challenge since there are so many fresh fruits and veggies available.

Non-fat dairy products--some of this is easy and some isn't worth it, namely non-fat cheese. That stuff is plain old nasty. I'd rather give up cheese for a week than eat the non-fat variety. I will eat non-fat Greek yogurt (more protein) and take a 1 ppv hit from my weekly points with a Tablespoon of Brown Sugar Splenda. Non-fat milk in a smoothie, I'm cool with it.

And the last one, Whole grains--this is more of a sticky wicket. Cooked cornmeal, quinoa, and whole wheat pasta are a power foods, but couscous is not. Reduced calorie bread--also known as cardboard--is a power food, anything with flavor is not. Again, I would rather not eat it instead of worry about it.

When I started looking at the power foods and thought back to the first part of my weight loss journey, a lightbulb lit up above my head.

Though I had counted all my points in the beginning, I had also focused my choices on the daily Healthy Checks--many of which include power foods. Ding, ding, ding, ding!

In general, I try NOT to use my weekly or activity points, which means when I do need them for various products they will be available.

I think I can do this.  I'll try it for a day or two, but if I seem to have a handle on it, I'll keep going for the entire week.

Of course, I'll let you know how it goes.

Later, Peeps!

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