Weighty Wednesday -- And a Gain

Alrighty then . . .

I gained 1.8 pounds this week. OUCH!!

Look, it happens. Shoot--its been happening to me since last November. Down/up, down/up, I'm so sick of it, but this time I did it to myself. It's called: Friday at Red Rock Canyon Grill--steak, beer, shared desserts (yes, that is an 's' at the end of dessert). A pitcher of Margaritas on Saturday night with cheeseburgers and tots, and Sunday brunch: two eggs over hash with avocados and bacon, AND pizza for dinner.

It's no wonder I gained almost two pounds.

I belong to a Facebook group called Weight Watchers. It isn't affiliated with the 'real' Weight Watchers, but the members for the most part ARE Weight Watchers. This morning, one person was lamenting about her weight gain of 0.2 lbs.


0.2?? That could simply be from drinking a glass of water and not peeing. Puh-leeze.

Anyhoo, she said that she didn't know what went wrong. She counted her points, exercised, blah, blah, blah. It could be a number of factors:
1) she's not 'fessing up about all her sins
2) she's not calculating her points correctly
3) she's exercising, converting her weight from fat to muscle.

My response was that she was using the "standard" point values provided for in eTools.

And let me tell you, my friends, those points are so off that it hurts!

For example:
A tamale is listed at 4 PPV.
But a calculated tamale at On The Border is actually 8 PPV. Double the amount that was stated in their 'standard' points. If you can find the nutritional information online for a restaurant, then calculate it as accurately as possible.

This discrepancy is the very reason I try NOT to use my weekly or activity points. I like to have the padding . .  . except sometimes the damage is too great, as in my current case.

What's done is done. I need to focus and move on.

Later, Peeps!


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