FOODIE FRIDAY -- Sandwich Wraps

When I was blog hopping this week, I ran across this post on the Pioneer Woman, and it reminded me of a cheese dip that I make in the winter months. I use this cheese dip with crackers, assorted veggies and my hubby used to put it on bread and toast it open-faced in the oven for a quick meal.

I can’t take total credit for this cheese dip recipe, because my med tech friend, Patty W. asked a friend who works at Lambrusco’z what was in the recipe. They gave her a list of the basic ingredients and I took it from there. I’ll post this recipe and you can invent your own sandwich wrap from there.

Another reason, I was thinking along the lines of using this cheese spread in a wrap is because we are talking about taking a ROAD TRIP later this summer. Yes, my friends, remember piling into a car, DRIVING to your destination, and taking side visited to see the largest ball of twine or biggest gopher? Or National Lampoon’s VACATION to Wally World?

--Basically start simple and adjust to taste with this recipe.

--there is enough flavor in this recipe to go the fat-free route. And if you wanted to add more greenery, you could add a little thinly sliced basil or spinach.

--I have no ability to taste the strength of the garlic powder; I have to have the hubby taste it so I don’t over garlic it.

Margaret’s Cheese Spread

4 oz. Cream cheese
3 Tbls. Mayo
½ tsp. Garlic powder
1/3 cup Shredded Mexican 4-blend cheese mix
1/3 cup Shredded Italian 4-cheese mix
2 Tbls. Chives, snipped

Soften cream cheese and mix in rest of ingredients, adjusting to taste. Remember it needs to be soft and spreadable.

--to make a wrap, simply spread a thin layer on a carb balance flour tortilla, fajita or soft taco sized tortilla.

--pile shaved meats (ham, turkey, pastrami) in a line down the middle, add spinach or other firm lettuce/veg and roll tightly.

--the key to a good wrap to make certain all your ingredients are as dry as possible.

--roll up wrap, making sure the cheese spread sticks to the tortilla. Wrap in plastic and chill to firm up.

--and when you are eating a wrap you don’t want the darn thing dripping out the bottom and onto your lap, therefore you need a material that doesn’t leak like Ranch Dressing.

Later, Peeps!

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