Weighty Wednesday (on Tuesday) --Guilt

I already wrote a post to go up on Wednesday, but I felt this post is pertinent; therefore, I must share it with you.  

When I started on this weight-loss journey, I felt that I had it all figured out. I knew how to focus. I had strong motivation to do it right this time. I was very successful with my weight loss until last November when I fell off the wagon and my weight loss slowed to a trickle.

I had that figured out, too.  

I had an answer for everything

But last night--well, actually, it wasn’t last night, but 4:30 this morning--I finally figured out what got me into this overweight mess to start with.

It was guilt eating.

Not guilt over what I ate--that came later--it was the guilt of letting someone I love eat alone.

Last night I ate dinner, not because I was hungry, but because I didn’t want my hubby to eat alone. If I felt this way, I should have simply eaten a salad, but I didn’t. He had gone to the trouble of making enchiladas (I had made the filling and sauce last week for his sister and kids, but it didn’t get eaten), and I didn’t want to disappoint him . . . so I ate two beef enchiladas. Ugh.

We also ate after 6 PM.

Again, another bad thing for me.

What am I going to do about it?

Over the next couple of weeks, I am seriously tracking again, writing down everything that is put into my mouth. This is the only way I’ll reach my elusive goal weight.

And I’ll have to learn to say, “No, thanks, I’m not hungry. But I’ll keep you company while you eat.”

Thanks for letting me share.

Later, Peeps!


Susan said...

I know, Margaret. I do the same thing. And order food at restaurants that I know better than because someone I care about doesn't want to be the only one eating dessert.
Eating is such a social thing, it's hard not to eat to keep someone company.
But it is possible. I'm sure it is. I might even be able to do it. :)

Cynthia D'Alba said...

I get this. Eating was a social occasion as I grew up. Every holiday centered around food. Celebration? Cake. Depression? Cookies. You get the idea, so yeah. I get eating with someone to keep them company.

AND my husband will eat something to "put something on my stomach"...i.e. eat before I get hungry. Bad habit.

But at least you're working on it!

Jody Werner said...

It's interesting to hear other people's viewpoints on the subject, because a lot of the things you mention never even occur to me.

I have such a different experience with and perception of food and eating. To me, eating is something one does to survive. Period. I'm not a foodie and absolutely don't eat unless I'm hungry. You can't talk me in to eating just to keep someone company if I'm not hungry and if it's not something I really WANT to eat.

magolla said...

Susan--I had been doing better, but let my hubby's subtle undermining win the day. I don't think he realized what he was doing until I mentioned it the next day.

Cyndi--You are so right. We're brought up to be social eaters. At large gatherings, I can take small portions, leave food on my plate, etc, But when it was just me and hubby . . . well, you get the picture.

I will be stronger next time.

Jody--I think you are the exception to this particular case. Too bad more of us don't have this mindset, then I think the obesity situation wouldn't be as bad as it is in this country.

Twisted Sister said...

Totally understand. See myself and need to focus on triggers.

magolla said...

Seeing the problem helps, Meggie, but we still have the have to do the hard work and deal with the issues.

Sometimes I fail miserably.