Weighty Wednesday -- End of Candy Season

This last Sunday, Easter Sunday, proclaimed the end of candy season, October-Easter.

Yes, my friends, candy has a season, at least it does in my mind. Candy season starts sometime in mid-October when I buy the first HUGE bags of candy from Sam's Club. And it isn't just one bag, it's about 5 or 6. When we give candy out at Halloween, we aren't stingy. Big handfuls of candy go into each kiddo's bag . . . and sometimes the parents who are toting around the cutie-patootie 6-month old baby.

*Yeah, we know who is REALLY eating that candy!*

And continues through November (I'm usually the dessert maker for Thanksgiving) and into Christmas candy making. I usually spend two weeks making Christmas candy for gifts. I'll make my fillings over a three day period, then I'll make the filled chocolates over five days and to break that up, I'll hand dip turtles and sea salt caramels, make English toffee, four types of fudge, and peanut brittle.

Oh, what the heck--here's the entire list from 2011:

Molded chocolates
Made 48 pieces each flavor
16 pcs = @ ½ lb box
20-24 pcs = @16 oz
Peppermint Schnapps -- 1 lb --became grainy made X2
Aftershock Cinnamon -- 1.5 lbs
Chambord -- 2 lbs
Strawberry Margarita -- 2 lbs
Amaretto -- 1.5 lbs
Butter Shots (butterscotch) -- 1.6 lbs
Rum Raisin -- 1.1 lbs
Limoncello -- 2 lbs
Key Lime (gin) -- 2 lbs
Grand Marnier (wht choc) --1.5 lbs --grainy; pretty, but not as good
Grand Marnier (dk. choc) -- 1.75 lbs --good
Whiskey Toffee -- 1.5 lbs
Frangelico -- 1.75 lbs
Dipped Chocolates
Reindeer Poop -- 3 lbs -- Peanut Butter center -- sm. scoop, dip bottom 1st then dip again
Polar Bear Poop -- 2 lbs -- Oreo center --same as above. Dipped in wht choc.
Sea Salt Caramels -- 2.5 lbs -- cut into cubes, dip @ 8 and then sprinkle w/salt on top
English Toffee -- 2.5 lbs
Turtles --2.75 lbs -- @ 75 -- one full cookie sheet
Peanut butter fudge -- 3.4 lbs
Pumpkin fudge -- 2.75 lbs
Chocolate Fudge -- 2 lbs
Peppermint Fudge -- 4 lbs

Peanut Brittle -- 3 lbs. weighed into 1 oz. baggies and sealed.

The reason the molded candies weight varied was due to the shape and size of the mold used.

Anyhoo, then there was Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Easter to round out candy season.

I don't know about you, but I'm glad candy season is over.

In the Weight Watcher meetings, they kept stressing that these holidays are only one day. True, but that type of mental manipulation doesn't work for me during candy season. If it works for you, then more power to you! I'm not so good at thinking about this season as individual holi-DAYS.

Though the season might be over, I still have a full bunny basket of Easter candy to eat.

Now--leave me alone while I bite off the bunny ears of my Dove rabbit, or savor the sweet flavor of my Reese's peanut butter egg, or eat the M&M's and jelly beans, or the Milky Way bunny, or Snicker's egg . . . 

Later, Peeps!  . . . uh, FYI, I DO NOT eat Peeps--that would just be cannibalistic now, wouldn't it?? 


Cynthia D'Alba said...

I love Reese PB Easter Egg cups. YUM

magolla said...

It took some doing, but I'm almost finished with my Easter candy . . . good thing I'm doing double walkies this week. ;-)