No, not golf courses--hyperlinking.

If you've visited my little blog and clicked on the tabs under the header (especially Weighty Wednesday and Foodie Fridays . . . well, and Writing 101, which I have been remiss in writing) then you'll notice that the list is hyperlinked back to the original blog post. I tried to keep up with it weekly, but quickly gave up. I decided to tackle those links monthly.

Erm, month's up, and it's time to update my blog.

It's not hard, just time consuming.

I have stuff to do, rotating my summer clothes, getting rid of my 'fat' clothes {already built a respectable pile}, more laundry as the family is leaving today, Weight Watchers, grocery store, lunch with my mom, judging the contest entries I failed to finish before I left, rewriting the next chapter of TROLL, taking more pics of the yard because the ones I took on March 12 are SO different now . . .

--oh, I had my first rose bloom, Chasing Rainbows, and I need to take a picture of that.

(cont.) writing my Weighty Wednesday blog, cleaning bathrooms, piecing a second Angels All Around afghan and crochet panels, testing the pool chemicals, hanging out in the sun (got to absorb your Vitamin D, yanno) . . . I think I could come up with a HUGE list of stuff to do.

Anyhoo, if you are one of those who like checking links out, then don't worry, I'll get right on it . .  . after I finish this cup of coffee, and shoo the family out the door to the airport, get the kidlet's lunch ready, go for walkies, shower, Weight Watchers, Wal-Mart (oh, yeah, forgot that chore!), and lunch with Mom. . . .

Ye-ah . . . better get started.

Later, Peeps!

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