I Messed Up!

You may have noticed the new blog look. WooHoo! Not.  . .

 I didn't do it on purpose!

Over the last few months, Blogger has been 'upgrading' (read: slowing down response times and making everything have a BORING white background). Everytime I logged on to post something, "they" kept sending me to the template screen. I felt like a horse being led to water and I sure didn't want to drink!

If you remember, I did ask for input on my blog awhile back, though, of course, no one bothered to chime in with any suggestions . . .

Anyhoo, I was playing around with a template and clicked publish to blog WITHOUT BOTHERING TO SAVE MY ORIGINAL TEMPLATE DESIGN.

My bad.

There it is, just call me a genius.

So over the next few weeks I'll be playing with the design of the blog and template until I find something that makes me happy. 

Just deal with it.

I have to.

Who knows maybe I'll figure out how to custom install the rune design on THE GOBLIN'S APPRENTICE header into the background, or incorporate the medallion into the header. I don't know what I'll be doing, but I will guareentee that I will NOT be using warm colors like yellow, pink or red.
I like those colors, just not on my blog.

I simply don't find those colors soothing. . . . maybe it had something to do with working for 20 years in a lab with some putridly awful yellow and red walls. *shudder*

Later, Peeps!


Heather Kelly said...

Bummer! Blogger and I have our MOMENTS too. :) Less now than before. I hope you figure it out--I know how frustrating it can be!

Twisted Sister said...

I thought it was nice. Your covers kinda pop!

Susan said...

My only suggestion--
I've tried both and WP is so much easier. Or maybe it's what I'm used to.
Anyway . . . just have fun with it. It's kind of refreshing this way. (I like my pink right now, but I might not tomorrow.)

Cynthia D'Alba said...

I know how to work with blogger if you need any help with tweaks.

I like that I can get into the programming of blogger and play around. Not so with WordPress.

But blogger does have some idiosyncrasies that drive me nuts...like how photo behave in a post. WordPress is so much better for photos!

Good luck!

magolla said...

Heather--thanks for the support. I think I just became complacent with my old blog since I had it for so long.

Meg--thanks, Meg! I like soothing colors of green and blue, so I'll work with those colors.

Susan--I'm not interested in changing to Wordpress, but thanks for the suggestion. I've played around with the various templates and colors, but right now I simply didn't plan to spend the time on it.

Cyndi--thanks. Question: Can I upload a header of my own design? If so, where do I go to do that?