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It took me less than 15 minutes to hyperlink the Weighty Wednesday and Foodie Friday posts to their respective pages. It helps me find them when I title the blog post with the WW or FF first. :-) That was when I realized I hadn't written a Writing 101 post in a very long time. Part of the reason is that those particular posts take a little bit of thought . . . that's not to say my other posts don't take some thought, but let's be real here, most of the time I'm posting 'off the cuff', or "pulling it out of my a$$".

Here are a few of the topics that haven't been covered yet. I will confess that a couple of these particular posts will be very, very short as they aren't my writing strengths, which means I don't have a definite opinion on them.

HA! Bet that surprised some of you!

Personally, I'm leaning toward -- Hooks. And I think Jody suggested Beginnings and Endings about a gazillion years ago. Anyone else have a topic you want to listen to me blather on and on about??

Anyone?  *taps microphone* Anyone?
"Ruh-roh, the zombie Apocalypse has already struck! And I'm talking into nothingness!" Aaarrrrgggghhhh! "Run away, run away!"

Here are a few possibilities:

Writing 101 -- Plot
Writing 101 -- Story Structure
Writing 101 -- Dialogue
Writing 101 -- Writing Style
Writing 101-- Punctuation
Writing 101 -- Voice
Writing 101 -- Hooks
Writing 101--GMC Goal, Motivation, and Conflict
Writing 101--Craft
Writing 101 -- Description
Writing 101 -- Using Spellcheck and Grammar check
Writing 101 -- Beginnings &Endings

And yes, some of them DO overlap--genius of you to catch that! Or if you want to know how I approach judging a contest, I'm sure I've jabbered on about that topic numerous times!

Hey, I did do a crit for my friend Cyndi (Texas Two Step) for her next book and she mentioned that I should be an EDITOR. *snork* Yeah, I thought the same thing! It's because I don't worry about the minutiae (line editing) of the story--that's the writer's job until the story is uber-polished--but I tend to see more of the big picture: pacing, character development, etc.

Anyhoo, if you have a suggestion feel free to chime in!

Later, Peeps!


Cynthia D'Alba said...

Yes, you should be an editor. You're good at story...plot holes, continuity, etc.

spelling! :)

magolla said...

Thank you, Cyndi.

I think that might be why I like judging contests because I can see the overall picture of the story.