Gardening 101

Rule #1--

Gardens are NOT static.

This is the only rule you need to know.
March 12, 2012

April 12, 2012

This change occurred in one month. It's happening all over my yard. If I don't keep a close eye on it it could end up like this--
NOT my yard!

cinnamon stick fern
Just remember to look at the mature size of each plant you put into the ground. Yes, the little 9-inch shrub is so cute and tiny and needs friends, but if it is a 'fast grower', it will choke out your garden.

Some of these plants send out rhizomes or underground tubers: cinnamon stick fern (I'm still digging it up!), heavenly bamboo or nandina (see the junk at the bottom? those are offshoots from its rhizomes) , many varieties of sedum, and this Itea (sweetspire).

Keep everything trimmed and contained then it really isn't a problem. When the plant sends off its 'little friends', get out your trowel and HACK THEM OFF!
Itea (sweetspire) see all the 'stems'

Look out for the words "self-sowing" or "seed propagated". Yeah, it will spew its seeds EV-ER-Y-WHERE.  Erm, I found this out the hard way. :-)

And that, my peeps, is the end of Gardening 101.

Someday, I'll talk about microclimates, roses, water gardening, hostas, etc, etc!

Later, Peeps, and Happy Gardening!


Twisted Sister said...

I just discovered a spider iris? in my front flower bed. The one that the plumbing company has dug up twice now. Talk about tenacity!

Your garden looks beautiful. Just finished weeding Meg's world. Now to mulch it.

M. A. Golla said...

I have a spiderwort plant that is just lovely--I wonder if it's similar. Just looked up spider iris, it looks like a cross of my spiderwort plant and a toad lily! :-) cool-looking plant! Be sure to take some corms with you when you move!