Batik Iris

When we bought our house over 15 years ago, it had the basic builder plantings. You know the kind I mean . . . too many evergreen type plants, crammed in too small of space. It usually looks good for awhile (read: until the house is sold), and then the new owners fail to realize those 1-foot plants will grow into 5-foot hedges if not tamed.

We tamed ours (up to a point--they already need trimming!) and still have some of the original plantings.

The pyramidal holly to the left of the window, crepe myrtle tree, nandina, holly hedge (behind nandina) and the red barberry bushes are all 15+ years old. The carnations are from last year. Personally, I didn't expect them to survive over the winter, but it was mild, yanno.

Under the window, I had planted Batik Iris. But when they overgrew their area, I thinned them out and moved them to the backyard. I will ALWAYS have these somewhere in my garden.
Batik Iris
Beautiful, huh?

I love the purple with splashes of white.

Next week, I might need to post my hosta pictures. No, I don't have any old boring green hostas, I have fun colored ones!

Later, Peeps!


Cynthia D'Alba said...

My Irises are still buds. I'll post pics when they bloom

That is a beautiful one. I don't think I have one that color

magolla said...

If you come to visit, I'll let you harvest a few bulbs.

Twisted Sister said...

Beautiful. I have the plain ol purple ones.

magolla said...

Ditto what I said to Cyndi!

Rafaela said...