Weighty Wednesday--True Confessions

It's time for me to 'fess up about last week. I reported that I had dropped some weight. I was at 135 lbs and was basically closing in on my goal weight.

 . . . but that was before the feeding frenzy began--think killer whales attacking a pod of seals, or piranhas going after some poor schlub who had a cut on his leg and wandered into the Amazon River, or a pack of lions, wolves (insert your preferred predator here) ripping apart the weak and old antelope. Yeah, it was like that.

 . . . and the frenzy continued through Sunday night.

It wasn't pretty. And the aftermath of such a disaster was exponential.

By Monday morning, I had GAINED 6 pounds!!

Talk about scaring myself straight! I don't think this is 'real' weight gain in the span of only five days, but I'm treating it as such! I'd been playing with fire since last November, and now it has seriously bitten me in the butt! And yes, it's almost as if my fat cells have been aerated to double their normal size!

There were numerous contributing factors to this, but ultimately it was me recklessly shoveling food into my mouth.

Remember, you have to take responsibility for your own actions--I sabotaged myself.

I'd love to pass the blame onto my hormones--because they were the ones who started this mess!--but in the end it was me, all me . . . and the beef nachos from Taco Bueno, the 1/2 package of heath toffee bits (to be used in baking--yeah, right!), the uncounted scoops of peanut butter straight from the jar, the calorie packed pizza, the pitcher of frozen full-calorie margaritas, the ooey-gooey brownies with added toffee bits and chocolate icing . . . I could go on, but I don't want to make myself hungry again. 

And now I'm paying for my rash decisions.

Remember--It's okayto screw up. Don't beat yourself up about it. This happens to the best of us--even those of us with the best of intentions. It's just a minor blip on the radar of life.

And personally, I think this is one of the hardest things for us to do--forgive yourself. Yes, you screwed up. But so did I. The key is to make a plan and dig down deep. You've made it this far, you can go the distance.

So how do I fix this?

We go back to the beginning. What worked before will work again.
  • Start tracking again--This is a biggie. Document everything that goes into that gaping maw you call a mouth. Keep track of your daily healthy checks! This is very important! If you eat all your fruits and veg, and drink your water, then you really won't be hungry for much of anything else.
--did you know that chewable calcium tablets costs you 1 WW point?? I didn't until I plugged in the numbers. I'll still take the 1 point hit because regular calcium tablets upset my stomach, but knowledge is power in this weight game.
  • Walk/exercise twice a day if possible--I still walk every morning, but I need to do something to jump start my weight loss again. So, if the weather is nice, then I'll be working in the yard or walking in the afternoons. Any kind of extra movement is good, dance to the music while cooking dinner!
  • Gauge your hunger--There is a new gauge under your plan where you log your points on your etools tracker, called "track hunger". It has a before eating and after eating place to mark your hunger strength. In one day, I realized I was eating because everyone else was eating, and NOT because I was hungry! If you're 'satisfied' before food even touches your lips, then why eat?
  • Drink six cups of WATER, not other stuff, even diet drinks--checking them off the healthy checks guideline, keeps you honest about it. On a side note: I'm cold all the time and I don't necessarily want to drink tea or coffee, so I heat up a mug of water. Yep, I use it to warm my hands and I drink it down to add to my daily count.  
  • Measure and weigh--When you first start watching your portions, you will weigh and measure everything . . . and then you will get complacent. The portions will start getting larger and you will start 'mis-calculating' your points. Again, go back to the basics. It's okay to keep yourself honest.
  • Tape the peanut butter jar closed--this one's for me. My sis suggested that I stop buying peanut butter, but that's not realistic as I have a kid who lives on the stuff. I have to do something to keep myself out of it, OR being fully aware of what I am doing when I untape the lid and grab that spoon. I basically used painter's blue masking tape and made an X over the lid and down the sides. If you have trigger foods, either remove the item from your household or find some way to make it hard for you to get into without thinking about it.
I don't know about you, but I already feel better that I'm being proactive about my fall from grace. I want to be at goal by Easter and I need to get my wide tookus into gear!

Later, Peeps!


Twisted Sister said...

Monday was beat myself up day, so I totally understand. That part of me is one I want to get rid of.
I like walking, and I'd to continue a am/pm set up.
Thanks for posting your journey as it does help me.

magolla said...

It must be the change in weather, Meg. I've been irritable and irrational for the last 10 days!

I'm glad my embarressing confessions have helped you. That's why I post them--to let everyone know that you aren't alone in your food struggles. We each have our downfalls, but it's how we pick ourselves up that counts.

June Love said...

Margaret, ever since I said I wanted to lose weight for a wedding this summer, I've been on a feeding frenzy. Oh, I pretend to watch what I'm eating, but let's get real. I HAVE TO TRACK. So, here I go. Again. Thanks for having Weighty Wednesday. I vow to become a regular visitor. It's time to make myself accountable.

magolla said...

I totally understand, June!

We have a tendency of sabotaging ourselves--

Try filling up on water and write everything down, but sometimes you really don't give a flying flip and will eat it anyway!

At least this way you can't say, "I don't know what happened!" You know perfectly well what happened and you are forced to acknowledge it. :-S

Jody Werner said...

Okay -- I'm not good at math, but I'm not buying that you can gain six pounds that quickly. The amount of extra calories you'd need to consume would be staggering. I can't understand for a moment how that would be remotely possible, even if a person ate every minute of the day.

magolla said...

It was the 'numerous contributing factors', Jody.

I can gain five pounds in the 1-2 weeks prior to my period. I think it was the hormones contributing to the feeding frenzy and the water weight gain. When I went on the patch that weight gain became obsolete. I have no idea why it's rearing it's ugly head again.

By the time this blog posted, I had gotten my weight down to was it was the previous week.