Weighty Wednesday -- nope got nothing

This is spring break week. Since we don't have any money to go anywhere, we are being very sloth-like and hanging around the house. Even swim practice has been cancelled for the week.

Shoot--my kidlet slept in, eventually took a shower and put on a pair of fresh jammies!

It helps that it's dark, gloomy, and rainy. Lots and lots of rain. So far six inches of rain in two days.

One day, I managed to get my walk in before the downpour started, but not yesterday. I'll get a walk in today. I really need to walk today . . . it has a WHOLE LOT TO DO WITH THOSE DOUBLE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES THAT I MADE!

Keep doing what you're doing: walking, drinking lots of water, tracking food, and eating lots of fruit and veg!

I'll be back next week with a regularly scheduled blog . . . now, if I can just think of something to say!

Freebie Frenzy continues this week:
THE FAST AND THE FAERIEOUS will be a free download through March 22
A MAZE OF MONSTER MIX-UPS will be free March 22 and March 23
SUGAR PLUM DISASTER will be free March 24 and March 25

Enjoy! Spread the word and the link!


Twisted Sister said...

Staying in jammies today sounds good. I'd like to. Got scuba class tonight although no pool time yet.

magolla said...

Yesterday, I changed into my stretchy walking pants. . . and never went for a walk! They were comfy reading pants. :-)

It's raining heavily again. *sigh* I need to go shopping--guess it will have to be the mall today.