TROLL Cover! . . . Delayed AGAIN!!

I've lost track of how many times my cover artist has flaked out on me. Fifth? Tenth? She has consistently missed deadlines for this book since August 2011. Yesterday was supposed to be a "firm" deadline.

Yeah, right.

I love the work she's done for me, but honestly, I'm tired of this. As of May, she's quiting the cover art biz. She's over-obligated herself for a variety of projects and she just can't fit anything else on her plate.

Not surprising. But all I want is this one last cover from her.

Up until two weeks ago, I seriously wasn't happy with the cover. It was weird-looking with the character's face all lopsided. I found a picture that I LOVED and emailed it to her to give her something to go on.

A couple days later she sends me a rough draft of the new character--LOVE IT.

Details are still needed. Layering is still needed. But she finally got the basic picture that I want.

And then she injures her thumb and can't work on it.

Really? Are you serious?

Am I mad? Heck, yeah! I want this over and freakin' done with. I'm tired of it.

And you know something scary? I'm thinking about book four in the Goblin's Apprentice series. No title yet, but I know it will have a dragon in it.

I can already envision the cover art . . . now all I need to do is to find a new cover artist and write the book.


Anonymous said...

Sorry. I know how frustrating covers can be.

magolla said...

Thanks, Anon!

Cynthia D'Alba said...

Ouch. Sorry Mags. I can get you some cover artist names if you need BUT I suspect they will charge more than your correct one does.

magolla said...

This is the third cover for our verbal agreement, and then we're done. But I'm seriously getting frustrated!