Rancunculus (not mine)
Okay, I love that name. Ran-cun-cul-us. It's a fun name. And a beautiful flower. I love the rows and rows of petals.

For years, I've lusted after a rancunculus. I'd only seen them in the gardening catalogs, but I loved the the thickness and depth to the flower petals.

Last April, I finally found and bought five rancunculus at the local Lowes.

And then we had an incredibly hot summer and they died. I was totally bummed. But not too surprised. Many plants are annuals in Oklahoma, either because our winters are too cold, or our summers are too hot. Last summer was way too hot. Surprisingly I only lost one evergreen shrub.

rancunculus to the right of the fireplace
Anyhoo, in January, little green mounds popped up under our weeping blue atlas cedar tree next to our outdoor fireplace.
Rancunculus between spirea (left) and blue cedar atlas (right)
Of course, the yellow ones seem to be the most hardy . . . plus they don't seem to be as attractive to the fuzzy pup as the white one!
yellow rancunculus
And there they are--my rancunculus--Oklahoma perennials. I'm just excited that they decided to come back again . . . now to keep the dog from decapitating them  and playing with the flowers. *sigh*
I'll enjoy them while they bloom, happy to know they are Oklahoma perennials.


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