Pool Opening!

I have a lot of stuff to do this week, and to tell you the truth, I honestly don't know if I'm going to get it all finished! It's nothing big or secretive, just lots of stuff going on: hubby's sister and two teens are visiting, still need to shop for clothes that fit, oil change in car, three contest entries to judge, edits for TROLL, pre-cook about four meals, the regular chauffeuring, Oh, and pack. Yeah, I'm leaving the family to fend for themselves while I take a short jaunt to visit another branch of the family. It was supposed to be a surprise, but I posted just enough that I ruined it. *sigh* I think I goofed off too well last week.

So this week, I'll be posting pictures: pool opening, garden (before and after the rain) and whatever floats my boat.

I'm sure I posted pictures last year when we opened the pool, but here are THIS year's pics! I will mention that my only contribution to the pool opening is to help pull the cover off the pool and adjust the chemicals until it looks beau-ti-mous!
unlatching pool cover from deck
This was one or two days before the 6-7 inches of rain that we desperately needed.
deep end of the pool
After the cover was removed, you can still see the bottom of the pool! This was unusual, but probably due to the mild winter. The big brown blob are piles of leaves. To the upper right of the blog, you can see the main drain.
partially vacuumed
I took this picture from the upstairs bathroom window. You can see where my hubby vacuumed the settled dirt away from the front corner.
Finished! The pool has been swept and the water level refilled, but there is still some haze to it. Hubby also power washed the deck. I shocked it after this picture was taken.
Ready for swimming--if you like 64 degrees
I took this picture yesterday. The pool looks awesome! It was actually pretty two days later, but then the rains came . . . and came . .  .and came! We couldn't do anything over spring break!

Maggie dog (white head) is sitting at the gate watching hubby (to the right of kidlet, but he blends into the background!) and kidlet (blue shirt) flying his remote controlled helicopter in the school's soccer field behind us.

I'll try posting garden pics this week!


BOB said...

And HAMBURGER (and steak and hot dogs and brats) is upon us! YUMMM! :) However, the water isss still a little bit cool.

Anonymous said...

ACK! That's hamburger SEASON is upon us! LOL!

magolla said...

Yup! Hamburger season has officially started, Bob. Just bought a sleeve of frozen burgers, sliced cheese and buns from Sam's. It's my summer fallback meal!

Jody Werner said...

Awesome. That's the sort of place I've always wanted. But I guess I wasn't willing to take the husband and kid that inevitably comes along with it :)

magolla said...

You are more than welcome to visit our oasis, Jody!