I'll pay someone to shop for me . . .

My hubby is forcing me to shop for clothes.

I don't wanna!

I hate shopping. I've always wanted a wardrobe faerie who would wave her wand and I would have the appropriate clothes in the right size.

But I must confess that he's -- I really HATE to have to admit this -- but he's RIGHT!

Even the jeans I bought recently are falling off after about an hour of wearing!

My weight hasn't changed in the last few weeks, but I suspect everything is shifting around a little bit. Shoot, I'm wearing a size six and I'm not even in the weight range for my height!

Last night, after a Tex-Mex dinner at Los Cabos (I took home 2/3 of my my meal), we stopped at the Bass Pro Shop to look for shorts as I had donated all my shorts a couple of months ago, but kept one pair that I held up with a LARGE binder clip. I ended up buying two pairs of ladies (6) shorts and one pair of men's (30) shorts.

So now I have shorts to wear when I go walking. Next week, it's supposed to be in the 80's!

What's that? Why do I wear MEN'S shorts?

Because of the pockets, my friends. Women's shorts have shallow pockets, if they even have pockets!

Eleven years ago when I started carting around a diaper bag, I refused to carry a purse, diaper bag AND infant. I got rid of the purse, and it was a very nice purse--Coach.  In fact, you can't find this one any more (I just looked!). I'll have to take a picture of it. Anyhoo, I bought a small wallet, thinned down my keys to one fob and one house key, and a phone. Until recently, I had a very small phone, but these new Androids are huge in comparison.

And that is the reason for my pocket requirement for shorts.

But the clothes I need aren't things I can find at Wal-Mart, Target or the Bass Pro shop. Nope, I need dress slacks, at least one or two dresses, new shirts and lingerie.

I have a feeling trips to Macy's, Kohl's, Ann Taylor, Coldwater Creek, Chico's and Victoria's Secrets is in my future.


I hate shopping. . . EXCEPT shoes. I LOVE to wear stilettos, but I don't buy new shoes unless I need a pair for a new outfit.

Hey! I like that idea. I'll suffer through the clothes shopping of a couple of pairs of shoes!

Later, Peeps!


Jody Werner said...

I'd recommend Ann Taylor Loft. stylish and fun without being trendy, tailored without being tight. And reasonably priced. Coldwater Creek and Chico's clothing tend to be boxy and shapeless. No matter what size you are, you should find clothing that flatters your shape instead of hides it.

I wish I was closer! I LOVE shopping, especially with other people's money!

magolla said...

I wished you lived closer, too, Jody!

I'll check out Ann Taylor Loft when I shop next week. I've bought stuff at Coldwater before and I agree--boxy, old lady clothes. I don't want to look like a teenager, but I do want to look good.

Jody Werner said...

I find it difficult to find clothes that are both stylish and age-appropriate. I have the figure to wear teeny bopper styles, but they would look ridiculous on me. I like classic, tailored looks that will never go out of style but look contemporary. I used to shop at Ann Taylor Loft a lot when I needed dressier clothes. They have some awesome sales, too.

Let me know how it goes! I think you should document your search with blogs and photos :)

magolla said...

Boy, I don't know, Jody. I don't really get into documenting my pain!

Cynthia D'Alba said...

I hate shopping.

But I am jealous of your weight loss!

magolla said...

Cyndi--I'm one of those people who look, but if nothing catches my eye then I'm outta there!

I think it's the taking clothes off, try something one, and another and another. Then get dressed to start the process all over again!

Twisted Sister said...

Good luck with your shopping!
I love shopping but I have no fashion sense.

magolla said...

Meg--I have some clothes in my closet that are the right size, but the hubby just rolls his eyes. "They're outdated. Will you donate them AFTER you prove to yourself that they fit and then buy some clothes?"

What can I say to that except, "Yes."?

And I have to admit, he has better clothes taste than I do, so when I need nice clothes he comes along.