FREE! Lost Leprechaun Loot

On tomorrow, Friday March 16, and Saturday March 17, I will be giving away Lost Leprechaun Loot on Amazon. So if you missed the freebie last week or you want to share this link with a friend--DO IT!

Though it isn't a St. Patrick's day story, it has leprechauns in it . . . and they aren't very nice at all! Yes, this is a Kyte Webber short story. It actually takes place between FROM WHOM THE BELL TROLLS and the unwritten and unnamed book four--all I know is that #4 involves a dragon . . . or two.

Three leprechauns need eleven-year-old Kyte Webber to find their pots-o-gold, but this adventure isn't as straight forward as it seems as the leprechauns want their gold and the reward they promised Kyte, too. They will try every trick in the book to deceive Kyte, but she has a few tricks up her sleeve and plans to beat them at their game.


And come back to visit on Saturday--I'll have another surprise for those spring breakers who need reading material!

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