Weighty Wednesday -- Sips, Tastes and Nibbles

One more pound down this week for a total weight loss of 42.4 Pounds!

Weight Watchers introduced food tracking almost from the beginning of their weight loss career. Food tracking has numerous benefits for the person struggling to lose weight.

1) It forces you to weigh or measure your food intake and document it. Yes, I would weigh over measuring as weighing down to grams is more accurate. 1/4 cup can be "heaped", but you can't fudge as much with the grams!

2) It's embarrassing to write down--2 scoops of peanut butter out of the jar, thus makes you think about what you eat before you do it.

3) Moderate your tasting spoon. Though you need to taste your food when cooking, you don't need a huge spoonful to know whether or not you need to adjust your seasonings.

4) Stops the open bag and grab technique. If you really want those chips, then weigh a portion out and don't sneak one chip here and one chip there--they add up quickly!

Just remember to think about every single thing you put in your mouth AND DOCUMENT it.

Do you really want to admit that you went into the trashcan and "rescued" that stale donut?

It's called being accountable. And every little sip, nibble and bite you put in your mouth will cost you, either now . . . or later when it lands on your butt.  Jus' sayin'.

Later, Peeps!

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