New Beginning

Okay, so I rewrote the first two chapters of FOR WHOM THE BELL TROLLS, 6000 words so far. This next week, I'll rework chapter three, blending it into the remainder of the story, which just needs basic editing, not rewriting.

I had posted a short blurb of TROLL in the back of THE FAST AND THE FAERIEOUS, but now it's different.

Do y'all think I need to put the new beginning in as a teaser? Or should I not worry about it?

I think the new beginning is better, BUT it doesn't have the immediate action from the teaser. I can still use the teaser in another section of the story, but I'm waffling.

Any input would be welcome! Writers or Readers, Please!


Jody Werner said...

Can you post both some place so we can read, compare, and give your our reactions?

magolla said...

I don't want to post them for anyone, but I'll email you, Jods.

Jody Werner said...

Thanks. I don't know how I could possibly give you a meaningful response if I can't actually read them.