The Forty Pound Hurdle

When I decided to blog about my weight loss journey, I told myself that I would be totally honest

And I am.

I may seem upbeat about my journey, but that doesn't mean I didn't have tough days or setbacks. I do. Many of them I shared with you. It's all a normal part of the journey as we tread the path back to our health. My triggers and issues aren't your triggers and issues.

Though we each walk the path alone, it doesn't have to be lonely. If sharing my hints and suggestions helps you along your path, then I'm a happy camper.

But one thing I am is realistic. And I think it was this attitude that kept me focused.
Here's my first reality check.

It took me almost 2 1/2 months to jump the hurdle of the 40 pound loss mark. This weight loss isn't celebrated by Weight Watchers, but I think it should be.

Trust me, that's a long time to keep the faith.
  1. I gained, lost, gained and lost weight so many times during this period, coming close to losing 40 pounds, but then failing the next week
  2. November and December was crazy, starting with my kidlet's birthday mid-November
  3. the holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas AND New Year's Eve
  4. candy making
  5. present buying
  6. family visiting
  7. cooking for the holidays
  8. family home = eating more meals
  9.  overall stress of the season
  10.  fewer hours of sunlight
  11. colder weather = difficulty in exercising
  12. I was at a weight that I used to maintain for many, many years
  13. I had never had to lose 40 pounds before
  14. I stopped tracking my food
  15. I stopped measuring and weighing my food
#12  If you maintained a weight for years, your body recognizes that weight and will tend to plateau. When on a plateau, you have to jump start your loss again either through increased exercise or stricter food intake.

#13  I've lost 10, 20 and even 30 pounds before, but never this much weight. It's a mental block, more than a weight block

#14 I still don't track my food, BUT I KNOW THAT I CAN EAT ONLY ONE REAL MEAL A DAY. The other meals must be smoothie, fruit and/or salad. And no, I'm not starving myself. I'm just not hungry. If I tried to eat numerous small meals a day, I would be grazing and ultimately regain my lost weight. This method is not 'approved', but if it works for me, then who's to argue with the outcome??

#15 Last week, I made lasagne. I KNEW the slice my hubby had cut was way too large, I cut it in half and filled over half my plate with salad. I didn't weigh it, but I would guess it was around 5 oz. Awareness goes a long way. And even though I don't actively weigh and measure, periodically I will and it resets my ability to recognize serving sizes.

I have been listening to my body by eating slowly and stopping when I feel satisfied. Part of the reason that I'm doing this is because when I get to goal and Lifetime. I need to be able to do this.

I'm six pounds from my goal weight (130), and four pounds from the top number of a healthy weigh range for my height (132). And when I reach my goals, I'll still be here fighting the good fight on a daily basis. I knew November and December would be tough, but I worked it out. Acknowledging those challenging times is the first step on your journey.

Remember, instead of living to eat, I'll be eating to live.

It's a mindset, my friends, and one that took me many years to discover.
. . . so it IS possible to teach an old dog new tricks!

Later, Peeps!


Liz Sullivan said...

Awesome!! As your niece and as a future RD, I am so proud of you!! <3

Twisted Sister said...

You have helped me get back on track. Mind set is important!
Thank you again for posting your journey.

magolla said...

Thanks, Liz! Some days are better than others. The key is to have more good days than 'bad' days. :-)

I'm so glad I help, Meggie! Losing weight is similar to writing in the sense that you have to find your own way, but it helps knowing what has worked for others.