Weighty Wednesday--Taking Measure

Measurements, that is.

When you started your weight-loss journey, you should have taken your measurements: upper arm, chest, waist, hips and thigh.


So you can calculate how many inches you've lost during this journey. Besides, it can be fun.
--one side note: though you can measure yourself weekly, I don't recommend doing it as the numbers don't offer the drama of the scale (smaller increments) and you can fudge them by simply pulling the measuring tape too tight. I personally recommend once a month.

I will confess that when I started, I didn't take my measurements until about week three or four. I wished I had taken them on my first weigh-in. But I didn't.

You know you've lost weight, simply by noticing that your clothes are starting to hang on you, you don't fit in your bra any more, or you can pull your non-elastic pants down without unzipping them.

Yeah, I like the last one best. Even though I could see the numbers on the scale dropping, it didn't hit home until I started pulling my shorts off without unzipping them. That was the bestest feeling the in whole world!

Since I started this journey on June 19--slightly less than six months ago--I've lost around 35 lbs, but I've also inches.

Arm:    -2 inches
Chest:  -6 inches
Waist:  -6.5 inches
Hips:    -6. 5 inches
Thigh:  -4 inches

I know that I'll be losing more inches in the next few months, so I'm only purchasing one or two items at this size. In fact, the bra that I purchased a month or two ago is now TOO BIG. Yep, one of the hazards of weight-loss-- the boobage shrinks. I just hope I don't put an eye out with them since they bounce around more than they should . . . sorry, that's a little TMI, isn't it?

My new size 8 jeans are baggy within 15 minutes. I can't pull them down, quite yet, but I definitely have baggy-butt syndrome.

I still wear most of the same shirts in my closet. Many of them are large, but even at my smallest, I wore a medium. Why? Because I have the shoulders of a linebacker, well, that and the larger than normal boobs for my height. I have purchased a few new smaller sized shirts, but I won't be shrinking that size quite as much. But I will tell you that the shirts which used to be tight on my arms are now loose and they hang differently on me.

So, if you haven't taken your measurements, do it.  I'll wait. Yeah, It's not a problem . . .
*hums Jeopardy! theme song music*

Okay, done?

Now, record that somewhere and come back every month and do it again. You'll be glad that you did!

Remember: stay the course this holiday season.

If you've been following my blog, you'll know that the last few weigh-ins have been stagnant. Well, I've been making candy for the last couple of weeks. I have probably close to 40 pounds of candy made and still have more to make. Let me just say up front, that you can't cook or make candy withouth tasting it. . . .

So how do you think I did?  Did I gain, lose or stay the same?

If you chose gained or stayed the same you would be wrong!

I lost 4.2 POUNDS this last week for a total weight loss of 39.0 POUNDS.

How did I manage to lose so much weight while making (and tasting) tons of candy? I still exercised, drank 6 glasses of water a day, and ate bunches of fruit and veggies!

Later, peeps!


Edie Ramer said...

This is fabulous! Congrats on losing all the inches. I'd like a few more, but in height. Too bad I couldn't switch a few of my horizontal inches to vertical.

Cynthia D'Alba said...

While your lose poundage is impressive, the inches are awesome.


magolla said...

Edie--thanks so much! I understand the height issue, too. :-P I don't know how many times some of the WW ladies have asked me if I'm on maintenance because my body is looking so good (no rolls when I stand and my shape is back). I just have to laugh. Heck, I haven't even made it into the weight range for my height!

magolla said...

Thanks, Cyndi!
About a month ago, I bought a new bra . . . it's on the tightest hook and it's still loose, and the cups are now baggy. *sigh*

Jody Werner said...

Imagine how much more you would have lost if I had been there grabbing the candy out of your hand and eating it myself.

I don't need to lose weight, but if I did, I do have the added advantage of NOT having boobage shrink. The left side isn't big enough to shrink (or bag) and the right side is shrink and sag proof by design :)

Of course, that means they're not subject to much growth either :)

magolla said...

Geez, Jods, I never thought about that!

What to women do when they have had a boob removed and an fake one implanted . . . and then they lose weight? I know with the amount that I've lost, I would be lopsided if I had one fake one.

It's bad enough with two dangling things trying to put an eye out, just having one would look so WRONG.

Twisted Sister said...

Part of my plan for holiday baking has been to have Don test them. :-)

magolla said...

:-) That works, Meg, unless Don is trying to lose weight!

Jody Werner said...

With normal implants, the natural breast tissue is still present, and still subject to getting bigger/smaller with weight change. When all the natural tissue is removed with a mastectomy, and replaced with JUST an implant, the size never changes. You probably WOULD be lopsided at this point! But my weight has never changed enough to affect my natural boob size.

As it is, the man-made side is bigger and a bit lower than the other side. It is a nightmare finding a bra to fit, and i won't go without because it looks weird. They're two objects of different size, shape and density and behave differently. One "cleaves", one really doesn't. It just stubbornly sits there saying "F*** you." :) But it beats having nothing! I"ve learned to work with it.

AND - in the unlikely event of a water landing, I can be used as a floatation device!