Weighty Wednesday--Weight Gain Confirmed

I came so close to not even weighing in this week. I knew I would have a gain (see Monday's blog). How could I not gain?

1) I experimented making shot glass sized pumpkin cheesecakes. Yeah, hubby took the leftovers to work, but I had to taste test them to make certain I wouldn't kill anyone.

2) baked cookies for a Halloween party my kiddo went to. Okay, admittedly making 6 types of cookies was a little over the edge, but I haven't baked in so long that I was really enjoying it. Plus, I had to taste test the cookies before I allow strangers to eat them, right?

3) Okay, I went a little crazy with the baking when I made my Blue Ribbon Cinnamon Rolls. In my defense, I have only eaten one out of the entire batch.

4) Hubby opened the Halloween candy to mix the various varieties together. He did this on Sunday night. Lordy, next time I need to tell him NOT to do it UNTIL the kids come to the door! Yes, I ate more Tootsie Rolls and Dots than is humanly possible. It wasn't until I was giving out candy did I hit the chocolate stuff. Not a stellar moment in my life. But he took the rest of the candy to work and I won't touch my kidlet's candy, so I'm good.

5) I didn't track my food. I kept track of it until afternoon every day, but then it all fell apart. Which means I ate more points than allowed from about 4 PM onward.

Okay, confession is over with, what was the damage?

Net weight gain of +1.6 lbs. Not as bad as I expected, which was 2 lbs.

My weight loss total is back to 30.8 lbs. This is still a good loss, but the key is not to have another gain week. There were only two things that I did right:

1) I walked daily--with darkness falling earlier, I haven't been able to get my second walk in as much as I would have liked.

2) I drank my water

That's it. I didn't get all my fruits and veggies, instead I substituted 'other' stuff, and my intestinal track paid the price. Trust me, you do NOT want further explainations!

Here's my plan:

1) force myself to track my food intake/exercise

2) drink at least 6 glasses of water/day

3) eat 5-6 servings of fruit and veg daily

4) remove sugar, flour and fried foods from my diet . . . again. I had been slowly adding these to my intake, but now I must start over at the beginning to get on track again.

For me, this is a good start point plan.

Life happens.

It's up to us to adjust and rethink how we approach the challenges surrounding our weight loss.

Just like life, this is a journey NOT a destination and sometimes we lose our way for a little bit.  Every year, Halloween will happen. Holidays will happen. Celebrations will happen.

What we must do is take everything we learn, and what we learn from others, and apply the techniques that will help us on our journey. What works for me might not work for you, but all you have to do is be open to try new methods or suggestions.

Here's to virtually seeing less of you next week!

Later, Peeps!


Ashley said...

I say give yourself a lil break. Like you said, Life Happens. As you know I'm on weight watchers too, only my second week, and yesterday and Halloween I didn't do well either. Same thing 4pm hit and I fell off the wagon.

Will I have gained weight? I don't know. I weigh tomorrow night. Hoping I don't but really won't be surprised if I gained BACK the mere 2 pounds I had lost. ugh right??

And to think I have Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up + packing and moving. Is beginning to think I should have waited until the new year. What you think??

Marilyn said...

At least you knew you'd been human before you actually saw it on the scale at the meeting, and you can point to the reasons it happened. (Unlike those frustrating plateaus where you've been so good and the scale still doesn't budge.)

Ditto -- life happens. Sometimes you do really great at something, and other times you have to struggle or you fail entirely. It's how you handle it that matters.

Ash, good luck to you!

magolla said...

As you said in your first sentence, Ash, GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK!

Control the things you can control. Set small goals for yourself and don't beat yourself up if you don't stick to your goals.

This is a tough season. As I mentioned, it's candy/dessert/celebration/etc season THRU next Easter. We have to handle every day as a new one.

Drink lots of water.
Walk as much as possible--and with Christmas shopping right around the corner, you'll have no choice, but to park in the North Forty!
Eat as many fruits and veggies that is humany possible.
Limit your sugar, flour and fried foods.

Good luck, Sweetie! I know you can do it, because you've already overcome so much in the last year and a half!

magolla said...

I've been on those plateaus before, Marilyn. And I don't like them, NOT ONE LITTLE BIT!

For some reason this time around, the weight has been rolling off. It could be my mental state, controlled hormones, or simply eating more healthy options. I don't know, but I like it!

Jody Werner said...

Are you still horseback riding? That's a huge calorie burner as well, especially when you through in the pre and post ride grooming. Now that KJM "annex" has an indoor ring, you can keep riding all winter long.

magolla said...

Not as much as I'd like, Jody.
I find that stuff is preventing me from having a good schedule. Uh, it's not as easy as taking a horse from a stall to the indoor. Dooley is out in a far pasture, enjoying all the benefits of outdoor life--rain, mud, snow, burrs, etc. :-)

Jody Werner said...

It's not supposed to be easy. It's a better workout if you have to fetch him from the back 40 and clean him up.