Weighty Wednesday--update!

As I mentioned last week, I gained weight--1.6 lbs to be exact.

Just remember:

Life happens.
Weight gain happens.
Challenges happen.

Don't beat yourself up if you gain one week. You might have done everything right and still gained weight. There are so many other factors that could have contributed to it. Just keep eating right and walking or exercising and it will show up as a negative the next time around.

It's how you deal with it that really matters.

Before I 'fess up to my weighty issues, I thought I would mention that I wasn't better at writing down my food intake, and I did eat Halloween candy.

BUT I did walk every day possible.
I did drink all my water (6 cups or more)
I did concentrate on eating more fruits and veggies (5 servings per day). Try to focus on the ZERO calorie veggies (non-starchy ones)

So how do y'all think I did?

Well . . . I lost the weight that I had gained (1.6 lbs) plus some more--for a weight loss last week of 2.8 lbs!

Total weight loss = 33.6 Pounds!!

Y'all know how I've been doing it, because I've been telling you about my journey. I'm not through with this journey yet, and I still have numerous challenges to face. Even after I reach my goal weight, it will be a daily challenge to remember where I was, weight-wise, and vow never to be there again.

The first challenge of the week is CANDY MAKING!

I'm making candy to hand out at the end of my talk on Saturday. I made my fillings last year and, other than tasting them to see if they were still good, I haven't sampled the num-nums. Why? I know they'll be good . . . though my first batch of Grand Marnier looks horrible on the bottoms. I let my chocolate cool down a little too much and they look terrible!

Oh, well, I have 8 of them that I won't take to the meeting. So if you want to try my Grand Marnier truffles, get thee to Tulsa! :-)

I wonder if there is any way I could make some money at this?

Because, as we all know, I stink at marketing myself. Any suggestions??

Later, Peeps!


Bonnie Dodge said...

Congratulations on your weight loss. I keep hoping some of your determination will rub off on me. And no, I'm not looking at your candy. I did that last year and gained 3 pounds! They do look yummy and your peeps will love them.

magolla said...

Thank you so much, Bonnie! I feel better and that's important right now. I need to have a physical to see if it changed my BP and lab values.

The decision to lose weight was triggered by, 1) weighing more than I did at 9 months pregnant, 2) elevated BP--nothing to be worried about, but way higher than I normally ran.

Just remember that when you choose to do something about it, you will.

Ashley said...

Congrats girlie! That's awesome!! All that hard work is paying off. :) You know, if you didn't cook so good, none of us would be drooling right now over your candy. Too bad I won't be at the meeting to try em. Then again, maybe its a good thing I won't be eating any. hehe

magolla said...

Bummer, Ash! I was really hoping to see you! I 'think' next week might settle down for me, though we will be celebrating the kidlet's B-D with a sleepover . . . and then Thanksgiving . . . Aaarrrrrgggghhhh!

Right now, Tuesday looks good.

Ashley said...

Tuesday is good - after about 9:30 - tues is my set appt with my doctor magician. :)

magolla said...

I'll call you on Friday, Ash!

Jody Werner said...

I'm the most multi-talented person I know, and I suck so much at the marketing stuff that I still can't pay my bills after all these years. So you won't be getting any marketing advice from ME. :)

magolla said...

LOL, Jody! :-P

Ashley said...

tues is a no go. So sorry!! Got any other days up your sleeve??

magolla said...

Uhm . . . Monday or Thursday.