Weighty Wednesday--Turkey day, are you prepared?

Slight weight gain this last week-- +0.2 lbs. Not much to worry about. Shoot, I could have had an extra gulp of water before I walked into weigh-in. Considering I made a bunch of candy filling, I think that this tiny increase is okay.

My weight loss total since June 19th is 33.4 pounds!

But this next week will be seriously challenging. It's Thanksgiving.

For my international visitors, a week from Thursday will be our Thanksgiving Day. It's a day we celebrate enjoying family and friends over food . . . lots and lots of calorie-packed food.

To make matters worse, my SIL, Margie, and I usually cook the desserts and appetizers. We thoroughly enjoy the planning and making the food, as there is usually a lot of wine and laughter to go along with all the hard work.

So how do we deal with this holiday?

I asked this of my WW leader, she said, "It's a holiDAY, not a holiWEEK."

Now the semantics are all fine and dandy, but that doesn't deal with my daughter's sleepover birthday party (pizza and ice cream cake), family staying and eating with you, a family birthday party get-together (lasagna and more cake) or cooking and taste testing the various food products (cakes, tarts, tortes, etc, etc), or the leftover issues.

So what to do?

Do I go into this (it starts this Friday, which is why I'm thinking ahead!) with the intentions of losing weight, staying the same or be happy if I have a slight gain?

I think I'm going to be happy to stay the same.

I don't want to gain weight, which means I'll be drinking HUGE quantities of water, eating copious amounts of leafy green veg, AND walking every day . . . sometimes twice a day.

Pre-Thanksgiving, I'll be verifying the 'serving sizes' I intend to eat. But remember to keep this in mind:
If I don't want something, I won't get it.
If I don't like it, I won't finish it.
If I'm happy eating one bite, then that's all I'll eat.
I will be sampling all the desserts, but I'll be eating ONE bite from my hubster's plate.

There! It's in writing, now it's there to make me accountable.

If you have a challenging situation in your near future, what is your plan to deal with it? Do you even have a plan?

Later, Peeps!


Twisted Sister said...

I don't have a plan other than to not fix some calorie stealers that I don't have to have.
I like what you outlined, and leftovers are my biggest downfall.

magolla said...

Since my SIL and I usually make the desserts, I think we will have to take walking breaks! I know I plan to eat only a bite or two of them when the time comes!