Weighty Wednesday--Lab Results

Happy Wednesday! Happy Day Before Thanksgiving!

So . . . how is your weight loss progressing? Have you figured out your plan for the holiday?

Well, I'm brimming with good news . . . but that will wait for a minute until I tell you that last week I had a physical. It had been three years since I had seen my general practitioner and now that I'm 50, I decided that I needed to have some baseline blood work.

My blood pressure went from 130/84, before I joined Weight Watchers in June, to 124/72. It isn't the best that it has ever been, but it's dropping which is what I wanted to see. A few days later I received a letter from my doctor. He didn't share my lab results with me, except for the lipid panel. Suffice it to say that I'm NORMAL!! YAY!!

So, what's my good news?

Though I thought I was sabotaging myself, I still did enough good things to make a negative number. This last week, I lost 1.6 lbs. . .

for a total weight loss of 35.0 pounds!!

I still have around 15 pounds to lose, but I'm happy dancing with my progress!

*drink lots of water
*watch your portions
*if you don't like it, don't eat it
*fill your 1/2 your plate with leafy green veggies (no, green bean casserole doesn't count!)
*eat slowly, and when you feel full--STOP EATING!
*dump the food left on your plate down the disposal, or cover with napkin

Good luck!
Later, Peeps!


Edie Ramer said...

Margaret, this is great! You're an inspiration.

magolla said...

Thanks, Edie!

When I started this journey, I vowed not to get sucked into buying various 'products'. If I don't use it now, would I use it AFTER I lost the weight?

Probably not. THIS time I WILL keep the weigh off

Marilyn said...


Though I do wonder about that line that you're "normal" . . . I never met a writer who was. :)

Jody Werner said...

"If you don't like it, don't eat it."

You have to TELL people this?:)

magolla said...

*snort* Thanks, Marilyn! :-P

I'm afraid so, Jody. The reason many of us are overweight is because of the guilt of hurting another person's feelings by not eating their food offering or feeling like we are wasting food if we take it and then leave it.

Then there's the issue of 'food pushing' by one's loving family members. "Eat it. It's only one bite." And then the one bite turns into many and then it's too late.

Jody Werner said...

I hate wasting food too! We waste so much in this country. I'll always eat leftovers the next day. Usually, whenever I go to a restaurant the portion they serve is enough for two meals for me. So, I'll take it home and eat it the next day, getting double my money's worth.

Jody Werner said...

Oh, speaking of food pushing - people are always saying to me "you're skinny (a word I HATE, it's the same to me as calling someone FAT), you can eat anything you want."

My response is "No, I'm slim because i DON'T eat everything I want!"

I make a lot of portion concessions - if I know i'm going to want dessert, I'll eat half of the portion i'd normally eat for the meal. I don't have a very large capacity for food anyway; so if I want room for dessert I have to plan ahead.

magolla said...

I usually only eat 1/2 of what they give you at a restaurant, too. The portion sizes are crazy big for most places. When we've gone to P. F. Changs, I'll order Mu Shu Pork (cabbage/pork stirfry served in 'pancakes') and I'll eat 3-5 meals out of a 'serving'.

Since I've been eating healthier, I don't crave the sweets like I used to and am usually happy with a taste bite for dessert.