Weighty Wednesday--keep focused!

I don't need to tell you that this is a tough time of year. I don't care where you live or what your religion is, there are celebrations, feasts and parties in December. When a group of people gather, food tends to be the one thing that we share. It's how we give a part of ourselves to another. It's our expression of happiness.

 . . . and it's our downfall into weight gain.

Feel free to set your goal to lose weight this December, but don't beat yourself up if you don't reach the goal you set for yourself.

Which means--
  • Plan ahead--if you know in advance about parties, functions, cookie exchanges, then plan for them. Decide ahead of time if you intend to eat, what you want to eat, and how much you are allowing yourself to eat.
  • Drink plenty of water before and during these functions
  • Not every day is a party day, so on the non-party days, eat conservatively with lots of fruits and veggies.
  • Exercise--even if it is to park the car in the far end of the shopping mall parking lot (shoot, that might be the only space available!) and walking into the building at a brisk pace.
You can do this! I have faith in you!

Oh, and how did I do over Thanksgiving?

Well, I didn't walk as much as I would have liked. I made some good choices (eating salad instead of What-a-burger)(a bite of this and a bite of that instead a 'serving') and some bad choices (eating the rest of my sea salt caramels--don't ask. Okay, they were REALLY GOOD! Oh, and an issue with eating croutons out of the bag. Hubby had to throw them away. Once out of the cabinet, I quit wanting them ).

My goal was to stay the same. I gained 0.2 pounds, so I basically stayed the same. And I'm good with that.
Which makes my total weight loss 34.8 lbs!

So stay the course, my friends! We can do this together!

Later, Peeps!


Marilyn said...

You did so good. I admire your commitment. I ate way too much over the weekend -- my tradition -- but have stocked the kitchen with fruits and veggies and skipped the candy aisle completely. I love the balsamic salad spritzer, so I've had salads once or twice every day. Gotta have something to make lettuce worth eating!

magolla said...

Marilyn--Part of the reason I'm posting my challenges is because I know so many others face the same problems. . . AND I'll 'fess up to my shortcomings. :-P I'm only human (with a tiny bit of fae mixed in).