Weighty Wednesday--Baking time

Happy Wednesday to you!

The last month has been rough for me. I haven't been as dedicated tracking my food. I haven't been diligent marking off my daily healthy checks. And I have been snacking on bad stuff--chips, Halloween candy, sweet-coated nuts, etc.

BUT I have been exercising at least once a day. I have been drinking all my water. I have been making healthy choices. I have been watching my portion sizes. I have been listening to my body when it tells me that I'm full even when there is still food on my plate.

And it paid off this last week as I lost 2 more pounds!

My total weight loss is 32.4 pounds!!! Yay! One of the WW members asked me if I was on maintenance . . . uh, no, I still have 13 pounds to lose before I'm even IN the weight range for my height (132 lbs is the upper limit for 5'1"). I must really hide my weight well. *shrugs*

So, keep on making healthy food choices, it will pay off.

Which brings me to today's topic--baking.

The holidays are around the corner--as I called it in my WW meeting, "October thru March (Halloween until Easter), it's candy season."--and many of us cook and bake. The weather is turning cooler, which makes it more difficult to exercise and simply stay away from the pantry and fridge. So how to bake without nibbling? And it just isn't nibbling, but when you're baking you have to taste to make sure your product is what you are aiming for.

Sorry, I don't have any real answers because this will be my first winter while losing weight, but I have a PLAN. And having a plan is 95% of the battle.

1) drink a lot of water--before, during, and after. If you keep your tummy full, there is less chance of nibbling.
2) though it's tempting to lick your fingers--don't. Wipe them off or wash them--you should anyway, but if your cooking for yourself or family are you REALLY that hygienic??
3) don't lick the bowls. Again, this is tough. But if you have to eat raw cookie dough, then measure it out and COUNT IT! As soon as you scrape the last of the dough, caramel, etc from the mixing bowl, soak it in water. It would be totally gross to try to lick it now!
4) Make smaller test runs.
5) Plan to take the final product to work or give it to someone. Yes, you can have a serving or even two, but remove it from the house so you aren't tempted to eat it over the next few days.
6) if you are making something experimental and it didn't work--throw it down the disposal. It can be rescued from the trash, but not the garbage disposal.

And that's all I have for now. I'm sure I'll think of something while I'm making mini pumpkin cheesecakes . . .

Later, Peeps!


Twisted Sister said...

Good plan, Margaret!
I will follow it too. I like the giving away part. If it is not in the house then I can't eat.
Congratulations on your awesome weight loss!

Marilyn said...

No job outside the house, no family or friends who want me passing off fattening foods to them . . . sigh.

I haven't gotten the baking urge yet. I did make some cookies a few weeks ago, but I think the last of the batch are still sitting on the counter.

If I do start baking or making candy, I'll pack it up and send it off to Afghanistan. The troops over there don't have to watch calories like I should. :)

magolla said...

Thanks, Meg!
With Halloween so close, remember to keep the candy bags safely sealed until the first batch of kiddies wanders around . . . but then, living in the country you probably don't have many trick-or-treaters.

magolla said...

I LOVE the idea of sending goodies to the troops, Marilyn! How quick to they ship them? Since I don't use any preservatives, the goodies don't have a long shelf life. :-(

Oh, FYI, I heard that the dentist who buys the trick-or-treat candy by the pound from kids after Halloween sends all the candy he gets to the troops.

Jody Werner said...

What is this mysterious "baking" thing you speak of? I have heard tell of it, but assumed it was an urban legend.

magolla said...

If you lived closer, I'd use you as my guinea pig, Jody!

Marilyn said...

Margaret, this is the organization I've heard most about, but there are others, too.


And if you wanted to ensure they go to an Oklahoman, the Oklahoma National Guard can probably help with that.

When I sent stuff to Brandon, he didn't care if the cookies were crumbles or the chocolate had melted and reformed in odd shapes. He was just happy to have the homemade sweets.

magolla said...

Thanks, Marilyn! I was baking most of today and will be again tomorrow. I LOVE the idea that I can send them somewhere other than Todd's work!