Eek!--I gained weight!

But that isn't really too surprising, now is it??

It's 'unofficial' weight, since I simply weighed myself at home, but my scale at home is pretty darn close to the official scale. I won't be able to weigh-in today since the hubster needs my car to transport his costume to work. No, I can't what it is yet. And no, I can't post pictures yet.

But I will tomorrow.

Anyhoo, back on topic--

Baking 6 types of cookies (final names: Lemony Goblin Brains, Werewolf Poop, Spicy Witch Cackles, Choco-Spider Guts, Minty Fairy Farts, and Cinnamon Toadstools), making and eating cinnamon rolls, and experimenting with a pumpkin custard cheesecake, is it any wonder that I increased the poundage? Only by 2 pounds, but that's enough to kick my booty into gear!

If you didn't think I would gain weight then you were in fairyland along with Timmy Turner and the Fairy Oddparents.

So, what to do?

1) walk . . . and walk some more
2) drink lots and lots of water
3) fruit and veggies are my friends
4) document EVERYTHING that goes into my mouth

Basically, I need to revert back to the first few weeks at WW.

Boy, it'll be hard considering I have over TWENTY (yes, 20) pounds of candy to hand out to trick-or-treaters!

Luckily the rest of the nosh will go to work with the hubster, just like all the cookies did today!

Happy Halloween!

Later, Peeps!


Twisted Sister said...

You'll get that off in no time! I like the idea of baking, then sending goodies away.
Since we don't have kiddos ringing the doorbell, I'm saving the snickers all for me!

Marilyn said...

I heard on the news the average American spends $84 a year on Halloween decorations and candy. I'm SOO far behind on that. Must buy more candy.

We saw a couple at Sam's last week who had an entire shopping cart filled to about a foot over the top with bags of candy. I wanted to go trick-or-treating at THEIR house. ;)

Jody Werner said...

Halloween on "D" street in Petaluma is such a huge deal that thousands of people come from all over the Bay Area for it. Houses have to have stations set up outside the door to give away candy fast enough. I asked a few people how much they spent, just on candy, and they told me it was hundreds and hundreds of dollars. But they also spend thousands of dollars on decorations - the big old victorian mansions along D street rival anything you'd find at Disneyland!

magolla said...

Meg--I hope so! I'm losing the battle with the candy today. I wished the hubby waited to open the packages! I want that stuff out of the house!

Marilyn--I can believe it. We probably spent that much this year, but we give it out by the handfuls. Living in the country makes it difficult for you to get any trick-or-treater.

Jody--that sounds like an obligation on the homeowner's part! You probably couldn't buy a house on that street unless you sign an agreement to follow the trend! You should take pictures and post them . . . or at least sent them to me!