Weighty Wednesday--Autumn is in the Air!

I weighed at my Weight Watcher's meeting on Monday. Since I started Weight Watchers and walking on June 19th, I've lost 26.8 pounds. THAT DESERVES A 'WOOHOO'! I still have a lot to lose, but I'm on the downhill slide now, which makes me very happy.

Anyway this time of the year makes me think of many things, both good and bad in relation to weight loss. Here's my list:

Brisk mornings--LOVE THEM! Seriously, what's not to love? The mornings are cool and the temperature is in the 60's. I found that when I'm walking, I tend to enjoy it more and slow down, which in turn forces me to kick it up a notch, since I'm walking for exercise and not just enjoyment. Enjoyment is a side effect of the walk. As long as I get sweaty by the end of the walk, then I've done enough.

We had quite a bit of rain over the weekend, so the ragweed pollen count was down a little, which helps. I also ran across some raccoon tracks as the little dude stepped in some mud before he tracked his way up a cement embankment. Too cute!

Horseback riding--I've always said that I love riding when it's cold, but sunny. Which makes sunny anytime in the autumn totally awesome! This old body is seriously out of riding shape, so one ride involving 20+ minutes of posting took me out of commission for 5 days--yes, FIVE. My poor little pudgy thighs are so out of shape! But I'll try to ride 1 or 2 times a week as my schedule allows. It will get easier the quicker I get into riding shape. I love the smell of horses. Either you love it or you hate it, there is no inbetween!

Comfort food--As the season starts to get cooler around here, we stop grilling outside. This scares me, since I tend to put on weight in winter--like so many others. I'm starting to think about all the comfort foods that I like to eat: virtually any pasta dish, chilies, stews, meatloaf, etc. So I need to rethink how those goodies are cooked and lean them up.
If I can't lean them up, then it's all about portion control and the veg on the side. I love the variety of veg in the summer months and I'm not that familiar with winter veg. But a leaner me will mean that I need to rework my normal recipes into something else. And if y'all really know me, you know that I love a challenge!

Halloween candy--This is the beginning of CANDY SEASON. 6-7 months of candy and desserts. Halloween candy leads into Thanksgiving dessert making, that evolves into Christmas candy making season into Christmas stocking candy, to Valentine's day candy to the Easter eggstravaganza! Whew! I am a sugar fiend! And I need to find some way to take control of my uncontrollable nibbling.
I think I found a solution . . . for now. I bought a bag of Halloween candy (Autumn mixture) and weighed one serving size (41 grams), placed it in a small baggie, calculated the WW points value (4) and FROZE the baggies. If I have a craving, I can dig into the freezer bag of nummies and slowly nibble on it. I'll take the sugar hit along with the points hit. No, there is no redeeming quality about candy, but sometimes you just have to have something sugarlicious.

On a side note: My WW leader had me show my candy baggie to the group. And most of them were appalled. I don't know whether it was from the fact that I bought a bag of candy and weighed out 41 grams 14 times, or if it was because they were 4 points per baggy.
One older lady even wagged her finger at me and told me not to each sugar. Yes, I'm 50 and this older lady 60-70ish still tried to treat me like a kid. *sigh* I calmly pointed out that WW was all about eating healthy while managing real life issues/cravings. Having the baggy of candy is one way I would manage it. I'll take a 4 point hit over trolling for food, which can lead to serious overeating (which I did one afternoon last week to the tune of 19 points!) Cutting out candy isn't the way to fix the problem. Admitting you need a sugar hit periodically and being ready with an alternative is.

I've lost almost 27 lbs so far--I think my way is working for ME.


Again, weight loss comes down to knowing what your triggers are, and learning to adapt and readjust your way of thinking. What works for me might not work for you, but I'll share what works, because I might be able to help someone out there.

Later, Peeps!


Marilyn said...

27 pounds, Margaret! Woohoo, woot, woot, woot!

I'm so proud of you!

magolla said...

Thanks, Marilyn! This time around I'm so in 'the zone'!

Jody Werner said...

Margaret, that's a huge achievement! Good for you.
And remember, DARK chocolate DOES have redeeming value, it's got antioxidants and is actually good for you. Um....maybe not if you eat a caboose full, but you CAN eat a small piece SHAPED like a caboose.

(Insert inappropriate caboose comment here).

magolla said...

I am so happy about the weight loss, Jody! And I'm on the downhill slide to my goal weight, though I seriously doubt if I will make too much of a dietary change when I reach it. If it ain't broke don't fix it!

I rode Dooley last week--and could barely walk for 5 days. Urgh! I rode him again yesterday, and took 3 Aleve when I got home. Not too much inner thigh pain, so I'll ride him again tomorrow.

We had a 'coming to Jesus' meeting and he learned to chill when I picked up the reins. I have to work to get him to soften his jaw and when we make a circle--he bulges his shoulder--worse going to the right than the left. But I think we are suited enough to get some decent exercise together.

Jody Werner said...

I am so freakin' excited to hear you talking horse language again :)

magolla said...

**I'm back!!*** :-)

I told my mom that I was riding again--she was surprised, but happy for me since she knew how much I enjoyed it.

Jody Werner said...

The big question is, what does Todd think??? As I recall, he wasn't terribly supportive of your horse habit....

magolla said...

He's so-so about it. He just doesn't want me to spend any money, especially since we're talking about sending Rach to private school next year. I have virtually everything I need, though my hardhat isn't in the 'approved' style, but I don't plan on showing, so that doesn't really matter.

With Kevin's help, I'm riding for free. Evenually, once I get back into shape, I'd like to simply exercise horses that need a workout hack, but not training.

Everything is coming back, and Lindsey helped 'fix' my hands the first day. I always had the problem of holding them right at the withers instead of in front of them. So that isn't new.

Jody Werner said...

You should have an 'approved' helmet regardless - Kevin's insurance may even require it. You can get one for sixty bucks in the Dover catalog - look for Troxel or Ovation brand. That's a good plan to offer to exercise horses - with KJM now occupying two different riding facilities, they may need the extra help.

magolla said...

I'm wearing a Troxel one that I got a year before I quit riding. It's not a 'show' hat, but it has Mickey Mouse riding a polo pony on it! Yeah, it's got all the extra padding and stuff.

Twisted Sister said...

You've helped me a lot. Haven't lost as much weight as you, but I'm on a lifestyle I can live with.
Please keep posting hints. I'm listening. Also about the riding too. As soon as the pain lessens, I will volunteer where my horses went. Like scuba, it may feed my soul more than food.

magolla said...

I've been losing since June 19th, so I think I've simply been at it longer than you, Meg. You'll lose it at the speed that your body needs to lose it. I think this time around everything clicked for me--motivation, walking, understanding how my body works, etc.

Once you're ready, I think you will enjoy visiting your large furry critters.

Jody Werner said...

Horses absolutely do feed the soul!

Margie, it's not much about extra padding - the technology for making the shells of the helmets has changed to make them more impact-absorbent. Your FIRST splure on yourself should be a newer hat. It's really a non-negotiable safety issue. You owe it to yourself and your family.

What size do you wear? If you like, I can get you an approved helmet from Ovation with my 20% employee discount at the tack store I work for.

And the other strict rule is, if you EVER fall and your helmet takes an hit, you MUST replace the helmet.

magolla said...

I'll be careful, Jody . . . I'm not ready to make the investment yet. And yes, I know even old schoolers can spook. I always remember Ollie when he ignored a barrel outside the arena for YEARS until it was time to see boogies.