Morning Walks

Yesterday, I wrote about the little toad dude I found dead in my pool skimmer. And this blog is sort of a continuation of yesterday morning.

As you know I've been walking six days a week since mid-June. My weight loss total is now 19 lbs! YAY! Anyway, since we had a decent amount of rain the previous night the air temperature was a wonderful 75 degrees, instead of the usual 85-90 degrees at 7 AM.

So I lollygagged a little bit on my walk, enjoying the sights and sounds of nature. And this is a feat considering the walking/bike path runs next to a major expressway!

--actually the path goes next to one expressway, under two more expressways and one four story tall on ramp, which usually has barn swallows living in their mud houses.

The path meanders in the dead spaces around the expressways, but it's far more than just barren areas. Before the path passes under the first overpass, it goes over a bridge that crosses a creek. For years we had to jump from rock to rock to cross this creek, but a couple years ago they finished the bridge. This was the first time in months that there was water in the creek.

Not just water--rushing water. The dull roar of the water passing over the rocks brought a smile to my lips. The first, but certainly not the last one. It was wonderful listening to the music.

A few years ago, before the bridge was built, this little creek also housed beavers. We never saw the beavers, but we did see their dam and the trees they took down. Like I mentioned before this area has quite a bit of wildlife for being in the city. I've seen wild turkeys, coyotes, hawks, and of course the smaller critters.

I kept walking and watching the antics of the birds swooping and diving over the field, catching bugs. It took me a few minutes to realize they were juveniles of the bird pictured, practicing and strengthening their wings.
This is a Scissortail Flycatcher. Oklahoma's state bird. Isn't it beautiful! I love these birds. The reason I knew they were juveniles was because they hadn't developed their long tail feathers yet. A few of them had one-inch long feathers that stuck out beyond their regular feathers, but most of them had blunt tails. And there must have been a few families together because there were about 8-9 of them.

As I continued back home, I kept seeing a doggy shadow popping up behind me. I could hear two guys talking as they jogged so I kept on my merry way. And up pops a border collie trotting next to me. I love dogs, but I wasn't going to pet it because 1) this dog was off leash (illegal), 2) I had finally got into my walking groove.

So the joggers passed me along with the dog. BUT the dog was so interested in me that he kept looking back and not paying attention to his masters. First he stopped in the path of the jogger on the left who had to do a weird hop to keep from falling on his face. And then the dog scoots under the feet of the right jogger who seriously stumbled and had to recover his footing. Serves him right. If he had his dog on a leash, the dog wouldn't have tripped him.

So my daily chuckle out of the way, I continued my walk. I didn't see much of anything else except a blue jay. With this heat there hasn't been very many birds out except starlings and grackles. And they're just plain boring to look at.

I love walking. I see so much of nature around me. And I also think about my story. Hopefully, now that my other obligations are out of the way, I can settle down to write.

Later, Peeps!


Cynthia D'Alba said...

You posted that dog picture just for me, right? LOL Beautiful dog.

so good of you to keep up those walks. Did you quit doing the Wii fitness?

magolla said...

Actually, that picture was almost the exact image of the dog that passed me on the path! I'm still chuckling over the dog tripping up those joggers.

About 8 months ago we had to get another copy of Wii Fit because we had problems from a power surge. Well, I had to start over to reopen everything, so I never really got into it again.

I really enjoy walking, though I have to postpone my walk today since we have RAIN and thunder and lightning. :-)

Twisted Sister said...

I love walking even when it hurts to do so. Good for you on your weight loss. You've inspired me. Need to get that morning walk in.
Even without the rain, we had a great cool breeze from the storms.
Tomorrow my mission is to get that walk in before doing work.

magolla said...

Since the storms were still passing through this AM, I had to postpone my walkies until this afternoon. I dragged--literally, trust me--my kidlet along with me. she added 6 minutes to my walk time. Most of the time she lagged 15 yards behind me . . . what a wus.