Lagniappe --Weight Watchers

Throwing out thoughts today or in more civilized language: LAGNIAPPE

Weight Watchers--I love, love, love this program!

--Now that I'm in better shape it doesn't take me as long to take my walk, which in turn, gives me fewer activity points. :-( It's not like I ever USE those points, but I still like to see them build up in case I might need them.

--our Vegas trip was a test to see how I would do outside the home environment. Oh, we go out to eat quite a bit, but I can check out nutritional values ahead of time. Though the phone app is wonderful, it simply doesn't have the versatility of the computer app which left me guessing as to how to count my points . . . so I didn't. Now, this isn't to say that threw all caution into the wind, 'cause I didn't do that either.

So you want to know what little tricks I used while on vacation?

--I KNEW we had a free buffet breakfast with our hotel room, so one of my main meals would be breakfast. And this wasn't just any buffet, this was an INTERNATIONAL BREAKFAST BUFFET! There were breads, pastries, pancakes, waffles, yogurt, kimchee, fried rice, pickled herring, smoked salmon, chorizo and egg burritos, fresh fruit and an omelet station. Wow, what a selection! I got some protein, fresh fruit, no juice--it costs too many points to make it worth it, a bread (Blinni, crepe or small piece of coffee cake), and a yogurt.  I ate slowly and stopped when I was full, which meant I left 1/3 to 1/2 of my plate full. Yes, I left food on my plate.

*Number 1 rule: eat slowly and STOP when you feel a twinge in your gut. Not that stuffed feeling, but just a hint.

--drink lots of water--Vegas is HOT. You will get dehydrated and not even realize it.  This is also another way to trick your body. Drink a glass of water BEFORE you eat your meal as it will help fill you up!

--Don't eat lunch if  you aren't hungry.  We've been programed to eat at certain times a day. If you aren't hungry, don't eat. BUT also be prepared to eat a piece of fruit or a yogurt when hunger does strike.

--the hubster and I split lunches. We ate at Todd English's P.U.B. We each ordered a beer--trust me, it was nice getting a 'pint' for a change. In OK, you get some weird amount between  9-14 oz. Just give me a PINT. *sheesh* is that too much to ask?? Anyway, we ordered the New Amsterdam burger and it was almost too much to split between us.

--We ate Italian food along a Parisian street. :-) No split meals, but we did the prix fix menu: a glass of wine, Ceasar salad, chicken Marsala, and a dessert. The chicken breast on the entree was at least 10 oz. --way too big for this gal, so I left most of it on the plate along with the Yukon gold mashed potatoes.

--yes, I ate M&M's from the M&M store. Yes, I ate some incredible chocolate from Ethel M's. Yes, I drank lots of beer and wine. BUT I also walked and walked and walked, AND many times we didn't eat an evening meal.

 I didn't mean to turn this into a WW-focused blog, but food and how I deal with food is foremost in my mind right now. I know many of you are struggling with this same issue, but you need to find your trigger points {stress, emotions, boredom (ME!), etc}. You need to come up with a plan as to how you want to deal with food in those situations.

Losing weight is like writing: what works for me won't necessarily work for you. It is up to you to try different methods to find what works in your life.

Later, Peeps!


Twisted Sister said...

Thanks, Margaret, for your hints. I needed something to get me back on track!

magolla said...

I've always been a fan of Weight Watchers--shoot, this is my 4th time on it. I always lose weight, but my problems arise when I try to maintain the weight. This time around, I WILL CONQUER IT!

Margery Scott said...

Thanks for the tips, Margaret. I need all the help I can get. I'll keep an eye out for the places you mentioned when I'm in Vegas next month.

Edie Ramer said...

When my husband and I go on vacation (before we had 2 elderly dogs we can't leave alone and hate to leave at a kennel), we split meals, too. We just don't eat that much. The last time I had a meal out at a conference, my chapter mate's husband finished my meal.

(It was mussels, and delicious. I keep telling my husband we need to go back to that restaurant.)

magolla said...

You are more than welcome, Margery! This new points plus system is DA BOMB! I'm NEVER hungry and so far I have a handle on my cravings!

magolla said...

Edie--try to find a house sitter. I used to work with her. She's an older single lady (a year or two older than me) who babysat the kidlet, taught her to swim, takes care of the pool in summer when we're gone and house sits.

My biggest epiphany was not to worry about not cleaning my plate. If I'm full, I'm full.

Jody Werner said...

Most doctors I have consulted about nutrition agree that eating several SMALL regular meals throughout the day (more smaller ones instead of a few big ones) is the best way to eat, for all kinds of reasons. Of course, that doesn't mean all five meals can be chocolate. :) Dammit. There's always a catch.

I'm not a foodie and being hungry doesn't bother me, so quantities of food isn't a problem for me. But I do need to pay attention to the quality of the food I DO eat or I start feeling blah and listless.

magolla said...

You are one of the rare ones, Jody!

I love food, but I've realized that I don't have to have a full serving to enjoy it. A few bites is usually enough to cure my snacking needs.

Anymore, I found that a small "meal" could simply be a piece of fruit.

I'm still dealing with this one day at a time, but I've also learned that if I want something--it's better to take the full shot of WW points than trying to satisfy a craving with a less than adequete substitution. No stinking 'fat free' cookies for me!

Jody Werner said...

I LOVE the snackwell's Devils food fat free cookies. They don't leave me wanting for anything!

magolla said...

I'm glad it works for you, Jods. It doesn't for me, besides I'd rather make a batch of cookies instead of buying them--with the exception of Oreos.

Marilyn said...

Glad you did well on your trip. The biggest thing for me is paying attention while I'm eating. Otherwise, I overorder/overeat.

Sometimes I'll have cheese, crackers and a piece of fruit for a meal. Bob looks at me like "there's the appetizer; where's the meal??"

magolla said...

Yesterday, we went to Los Cabos for dinner. I had eaten a large salad for lunch and wanted 'real' food, but I also wanted a margarita.

I found their spicy beef tamales on the appitizer list to be WONDERFUL!! Two tamales w/chili con carne sauce--no sour cream was only 10 points--and no, I couldn't finish the second tamale.

BUT the problem was the chips right in front of me. Though I break up my chips to dip in salsa--I took more than I wanted.. . . until I made hubster put the basket on the other side of the table!