Polar Bear Poop . . . the recipe

I promised Lissa a recipe for Polar Bear Poop.  And I will post it at the end of this blog.  But first I will mention that you DO NOT WANT TO GOOGLE polar bear poop, otherwise you will get this:

--Do not take a sip of coffee!  Oh, heck, why not?  I don't have to clean your monitor--you do! Oops! Was my warning too late?

Okay, that was fun, wasn't it? :-) This was my very first video upload, too!  What a great way to start off the week with a bang!

Anyhoo, back to the topic of this blog. 

Every Christmas, one of my husband's employees makes these cookie/candy concoctions that she calls, Polar Bear Poop.  They are coated in white almond bark with a chocolate melt-in-your-mouth center--DELICIOUS!  But she is very secretive about her recipe.  One day about a month ago, I was trolling through my Farmville gifties (giving and receiving) and a small ad with a picture flashes on the sidebar.

It looked like Polar Bear Poop, but it had some boring name like, "OREO COOKIE BALLS".  Puh-leese!  Couldn't they come up with something better??  Heck, I like Jody's 'Faerie Farts' better than this!

Here's the recipe for . . . POLAR BEAR POOP

1-18 oz. pkg Oreo cookies
1-8 oz. pkg cream cheese--room temperature
White chocolate Almond bark  (@ 4 oz)

Process Oreos in food processor until fine (wet sandy texture). Add cream cheese to crumbs and blend until dough-like.  Chill mixture for 15 minutes.  Roll ball into bite-sized balls.  I use a small melon scoop to get a uniform size and flat bottom.  Chill balls 15 minutes.

Place sheet of waxed paper on counter (I go through TONS of waxed paper when I make candy!). Melt chocolate in microwave (depending on the amount check on it in 30 second intervals).  Using fork, dip balls (roll around until coated), lift on fork and tap off excess chocolate, scrap bottom of fork on edge of bowl, and slide onto waxed paper. 
Poop takes about 30 minutes to dry, so add sprinkles (or Oreo 'dirt') if desired.

A couple of comments here:  I REFUSE TO USE ALMOND BARK (which is made from vegetable fats and NOT cocoa butter).  Yes, I know white chocolate isn't "chocolate" per se, but it must have 20% cocoa butter to be called white chocolate, AND you can taste the difference between good quality white chocolate and 'almond barf  bark'.  The bark has less flavor and more of a waxy texture--BLECH!  

In the baking aisle of any grocery store, you can find white chocolate chips (Ghiradelli or Nestles are both good)--Buy them.  If you're going to make something, then put forth your best effort and make it taste good, too. 

That's it for today!

Later, Peeps!


Susan said...

I think my cousin's wife made those for us this Christmas, except with chocolate, not white chocolate. I'm so not a chocolate lover, but I really liked those.
When I called them cake balls (or cake's balls) he told me they were truffles--and double dipped!
They were delicious!

Edie Ramer said...

I feel fatter just reading this. LOL

Jody said...

I agree about the almond bark. BLECH.

Lissa said...

oh i can't wait to try this!!!!

magolla said...

I've been busy reading Golden Heart entries, so I'll group comment--yes, it's not as personal, but there it is.

Susan--they sound good. I like the polar bear poop (other than their cool name) is because the white chocolate helps increase the richness of the filling without it being overpowering the chocolate

Edie--Yeah, there is NOTHING non-fat about this recipe, is there? And no, do NOT use non-fat cream cheese--it's sacrilege.

Jods--I knew you'd agree. And the the filled chocolate that I sent you? It was white chocolate.

Lissa--enjoy! I think your family will gobble them down.

I have another recipe called Reindeer Poop, but I don't have a video of that, so I'll just have to post the recipe . . .

Marilyn said...

Okay, I'll have to taste-test the white chocolate chips vs almond bark. I've made a few candies with white chocolate and didn't like it at all, but that was years ago. I use almond bark in only two recipes -- love it in one, considered making the other with something else next time.

magolla said...

Marilyn, They are both 'blah' type of flavors, but white chocolate has a better texture, less waxiness and a different type of sweet.

I won't use anything OTHER than white chocolate in my fillings or white chocolate shells.

I found out something interesting when hubster took my extra candy to work--the white chocolate ones were the last to go. No one wanted them. So I will probably not use white chocolate shells next year.

Twisted Sister said...

Send them to me! I love chocolate--dark, white, milk--in that order. Now I have another recipe to try. Will do the white chocolate because you said so!(agree about the white chocolate bark.)

magolla said...

I'll see what I can do next year, Meg. I'm candy-free until next December . . . unless I decide to experiment with a recipe.

Jody said...

Interestingly, I ate the white ones last too. They tasted just as good, they just didn't LOOK as good. Chocolate should look....you know, CHOCOLATE. What about 'swirling' the white chocolate with milk chocolate? Maybe that's too much work.

I LOVED all your candies, but my favorites were the ones with the tart fillings - lime, lemon, strawberry. And I loved the peppermint. From a highly personal point of view, I think these tart-er fillings would be incredibly yummy paired with a dark chocolate shell.

I particularly loved that your chocolate shells were THICK, not just a token covering. Oh, the peanut butter cups could put Reese's out of business.

Thank you SO much for including me on your candy list!

magolla said...

RE: swirled chockies--Uh, not gonna happen. I'm not Godiva with minions and machines doing their work . . .
--If I end up with swirled chocolate, it would be purely by accident.

I'm with you, Jods. I like the tart flavors, too. I need to make the raspberry one a little tarter.

I thought you might like the PB one. :-)

Uh, where is my caricature???

Jody said...

Sorry, I've dropped the ball on all the freebees....my life is a mad vicious cycle to try to keep ahead of the bills.

magolla said...

I'm just messing with you, Jods. :-)

Jody said...

Well, I dropped the ball on ALL of the caricatures once I figured out how long they really take. I just barely stay ahead of the bills, so when I win the lottery I'll get right on it. :)